Online Pharmacy through the Example of Canadian Family Pharmacy

What you Need to Know about Canadian Family Pharmacy?

Canadian Family Pharmacy is online store providing customers with wide range of medications. Such medications are shipped internationally what makes it easier to order drugs online from all over the world. We will deliver your order to from 8-21 days. The delivery is dependent on type of delivery method you use. There are two types of delivery system:

  • Regular Airmail (10-21 days);
  • Express Courier System (8-14 days).

Consequently, it doesn’t matter where you live, you are welcome customer for online

Moreover our customers leave positive feedback because we provide our customers with bonuses (in form of additional pills) and discounts. We grant our customers an opportunity to take advantage of discounts allowing to limit your expenses. You may get discount in case if you send us an e-mail: All the details will be sent to you in response message. Each discount coupon has its code and Canadian Family Pharmacy is not an exception, code will be sent to in this e-mail. Take a chance and use of Canadian Family Pharmacy Discount.

There is one more distinctive feature differing us from other online pharmacies exactly accessibility of our medications. All our remedies are sold without prescription lists. We do not require any doctor’s recommendations but we insist that you should consult a doctor to define exact medication and its dosage. There is one more point related to our medications exactly we sell generic medications only.

What are Generic Drugs?

Generics, determination of which sounds as follows – generic drugs are reproduction of the original drug, patent for active substance of which has expired already, do not differ from the original. For sale it is necessary to confirm that effectiveness of generic drugs is equal to effectiveness of parent drug. The original drugs have been developing for more than a year, great sum of money is spent on their creation, by itself, efficiently and effectively, therefore, the original drugs’ price is considerably higher (as it is necessary to recoup the money spent). But over time, their production patent expires and other companies already begin to produce notorious generic, because their production does not need to spend a lot of money, because all drug components are well known and tested already. So there are such generic drugs as Levitra, Cialis and Viagra.

Conventional Generic Drugs Difference

They differ from the original in name, color and shape of tablets, and, of course, price. As for the price, everything is clear, but name, shape and color of original developers intellectual property. Therefore, generic manufacturers are changing name and product’s appearance.

Manufacturers of Generic Drugs

World production of generics is very popular in India, where companies produce generic medications. Almost all countries worldwide produce generic drugs because it is affordable for both parties: drug-manufacturers and consumers. So that it is very safe and affordable to buy generic medications.

Canadian Family Pharmacy’s customers underline that they are always satisfied with service provided. Our skilled and professional staff is ready round the clock to solve your problems. Send your questions on our e-mail and all technical problems will be solved but we should figure out that all the questions relating to medications quality should be sent directly to drug-manufacturers. We are able to solve technical problems concerning payment options or delivery process.

Moreover we take all the efforts to protect customers’ personal data from unauthorized access. Canadian Family Pharmacy doesn’t distribute, trade or disclose personal data to the third parties. There are cases when online pharmacy administration has the right to disclose data but it may be done after your prior consent only. Our SSL-server allows to encrypt personal data of every customer so that they are absolutely secured.

It is time to command our service and remember we do everything to improve and maintain your health condition!