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10 Rules of Women’s Health by Canadian Family Pharmacy

For a woman it is difficult to maintain health under powerful negative impact of modern ecology and lifestyle. Her body every second is experiencing enormous physical and psycho-emotional overload. Chronic stress, improper nutrition, lack of exercise, chemistry in the air, water and food, problems with sexual fulfillment multiplied by economic and social turmoil of life – all this lies on fragile shoulders of a woman and ruins her health. Do you not want to get ill? Unfortunately, all female diseases are associated with environmental problems. It is impossible to hide from pressure of environment. But it is possible to maximally …

9 Things Necessary for Women’s Health after 50: Canadian Family Pharmacy Guide

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important if you want to keep your health as soon as possible, especially for a woman. The woman is a truly unique creation. The female body requires a special approach in every period of life. In youth, we do not always pay enough attention to our body, but over the years the situation is corrected. We can say for sure whether the body sends signals to us or we really become wiser. What will be really useful for women’s health after 50?¬†How to live a healthy lifestyle?