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women runHealthy lifestyle is an active participation in the labor, social, family and household, leisure forms of human activity.

In the biological sense online store – Canadian Family Pharmacy is talking about human physiological adaptation possibilities to environmental effects and changes in the state of the internal environment.

The authors who write on this subject include different components in healthy lifestyle, but most of them consider basic:

  • developing healthy habits and skills from early childhood;
  • environment: safe and favorable for living, the knowledge about the influence of the surroundings on health;
  • rejection of bad habits: self-poisoning by legal drugs (alkoyadom, tabakoyadom) and illegal ones;
  • meals: moderate, corresponding to the physiological characteristics of a specific person, the awareness of the quality of used products;
  • motion: a physically active life, including specific exercise (eg, gymnastics), taking into account the age and physiological characteristics;
  • care of the body: following the rules of personal and public hygiene, knowledge of first aid skills;
  • hardening.

The physiological state of a person is greatly influenced by its psycho-emotional state, which depends, in turn, on his mental facilities. Therefore, some authors also highlight the following additional aspects of healthy lifestyle:

  • emotional well-being: mental hygiene, the ability to cope with you own emotions and difficult situations;
  • intellectual well-being: a person’s ability to recognize and use the new information to the best action in the new circumstances;
  • spiritual well-being: the ability to establish truly meaningful, constructive life goals and strive for them, optimism.

A healthy lifestyle that fosters the health, carried out at three levels

WomanThese levels are the following:

  1. social: the propaganda in the media outreach;
  2. infrastructure: the specific conditions in the major spheres of activity (free time, material resources), prevention (sports) institutions, environmental control;
  3. personal: a system of human value orientations, standardization of domestic order.

10 healthy lifestyle tips

There are 10 advice, developed by an international team of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists, which form the basis of a healthy lifestyle. You can make more enjoyable our lives and prolong them.

1 tip: solving crossword puzzles, learning foreign languages, performing calculations in mind, we train the brain. Thus, the process of age degradation is slowing down; It activates the heart, circulatory system and metabolism.

2 tip: work is an important element of a healthy lifestyle. Find the right job for yourself that you will be a joy for you. According to scientists, it will help you to look younger.

3 tip: do not eat too much. Instead of the usual 2,500 calories eat 1500. This helps to maintain the cell activity, their unloading. Also, do not go to extremes or eat too little.

4 tip: the menu should correspond to the age. The liver and nuts help the 30-year-old woman to slow down the appearance of first wrinkles. The kidney and cheese selenium, useful for men after 40 years, it contributes to a discharged stress. After 50 years, we need magnesium, which holds the heart in a form and is useful for bone calcium, and the fish will help protect the heart and blood vessels.

5 tip: have your own opinions. Conscious life will help to fall into depression as little as possible

6 tip: love and tenderness will help keep youth longer, so find a soulmate. Strengthening the immune system contributes to the happiness hormone (endorphin), which is produced in the body when a person is in love.

7 tip: you’d better sleep in a cool room (at a temperature of 17-18 degrees), it helps to preserve youth – the ambient temperature influences metabolism in the body and the manifestation of age characteristics.

8 tip: move as often as possible. Scientists have proved that even eight minutes of playing sports a day prolong life.

9 tip: indulge yourself from time to time despite the recommendations regarding a healthy lifestyle and allow yourself tasty food sometimes.

10 tip: do not suppress the anger. Various diseases, even malignant tumors, are more prone to people who constantly criticize themselves, rather than tell what makes them sad and sometimes argue.

different-agesOptimal work and adequate rest also influence our health. Vigorous activity, not only physical but also mental, is good for the nervous system, it strengthens the heart, blood vessels and the whole body. There is a particular labor law, which is known to many people. People engaged in physical labor, need to rest, which is not associated with physical activity. People whose work is connected with mental activity, are recommended to occupy themselves in physical work in the rest time.

Such a thing as a daily regime is becoming less common in modern life, but this factor also has an important role in maintaining health. The rhythm of human life must include time for work, rest, sleep, and eat. A person who fails to comply with conditions of the day, becomes irritable with time, he accumulated fatigue, such people are more prone to stress and disease. Unfortunately, modern man is difficult to maintain a good routine, he has to sacrifice the time allotted for sleep, eats only when there is time, and so on. Correction of the routine will not only help to maintain your health, but also organize your time better.

Also, our health depends on good sleep. Adequate sleep is essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Different people may have different needs in sleep, but on average it is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours. Regular sleep deprivation leads to reduced efficiency and a strong fatigue. It’s recommended to stop physical or mental work 1 hour before going to bed. The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. You’d better sleep in a well-ventilated room, and it is desirable to go to bed at the same time.

Physical activity is one of the most important means of promoting health. Even small everyday 20-minute gymnastics brings huge benefits. Gymnastics, athletics, outdoor games are very useful for the cardiovascular system, lungs, and they strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Running has a positive effect on the nervous and endocrine systems. Walking helps get rid of excess weight. It is estimated that 1 hour of brisk walking burns up to 35 grams of adipose tissue.

Old people also should not forget about a healthy way of life. Even an elderly man needs exercise to feel better in his age. With the lack of physical activity older people develop obesity, metabolic diseases, increased risk of diabetes, impaired activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is worth remembering that physical activity at this age should be metered and appropriate for the age. Visit Canadian Phamily Pharmacy page to learn mpre about the healthy lifestyle and medications necessary for various disease fighting.