Calm is the Highest Manifestation of Power

Most of our contemporaries think that calmness is an expensive luxury: if someone is trying to prove the opposite, he is just sarcastically laughed at – people used to think so, and many even like it. In fact, this is a very dangerous misleading, as the younger generation is growing in these conditions: if you do not teach children and adolescents to remain calm today, what will happen to our world tomorrow? Canadian Family Pharmacy online knows some ways to calm down when stressed.

How to keep calm?How to stay calm?

Today’s life is called crazy and dynamic, its rhythm is mad, but the main negative factor, “unsettling” a lot of people is an information overload. We can’t say that life in the Middle Ages or 100-200 years ago was easy and relaxed – on the contrary, people have had a lot of serious problems. These are bloody wars, poverty, illiteracy, terrible epidemics, which modern humanity has not faced, but in the old times there were no antidepressants and such information daily flows, it is literally a waterfall pouring on each person, communications facilities were quite different in that time. Nervous disorders may be very dangerous. They may lead to insomnia, depression, erectile dysfunction and health problems.

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How to turn anxiety into calmness?

writing by hand How to calm down? Can we abandon the Internet, mobile phones and other means of communication and start using a pigeon post? Of course, no one offers this option, but it would be useful to write each other usual letters, not the electronic ones: simply because the process is very soothing – there is even a study of psychotherapists on the subject. Very few people write something by hand, unless it is linked with their work directly: it is so easy to type a text on the keyboard, or record it on a tape, but psychologists advise people who have lost their peace to keep a diary and write everything they care about. We have forgotten how to write, but a letter written by hand has a positive effect on our nervous system:

  • improves memory and attention;
  • trains the brain;
  • helps to cope with stresses.

Often people during an important meeting or discussing the problem over the phone, draw some pictures on paper or in a diary – it helps to feel calmer. So, keeping a diary is considered an effective way of gaining peace of mind. Train yourself to write down the thoughts that bother you, try to “flip” them, replacing with the opposite ideas. After a while you will feel much more relaxed in the presence of the people who irritated you before, or in situations that “strained” you.

Offense: a threat for life

Nothing takes away peace of mind as much as unforgiven offense: wearing such a grudge, we can not think of any peace. Not everyone can forgive his offenders: many people “carry” the grudge for years, and it is a cankerous feeling, which destroys not only peace of mind but also physical health.

Today it is no secret that long-standing offenses are causes of cancer, however, people often assure themselves that they “can not” forgive the offense or the offense is too strong. The expression “mortal offense” is known to everyone but very few people have thought about it literally: to offend or be offended “to death.” If people understand what it means, they would learn to forgive quickly – simply out of a sense of self-preservation, because first of all it is necessary to their health.


  • Evil thoughts, grievances, disgruntled internal states harm a person, first of all. You need to get rid of them as quickly as possible, by any means. Be kind, send other people only warm wishes and parting words, no matter who they are: friends or enemies. Keep in your heart nothing but love and respect. Remember, there are no bad people. Each person is created by God in his own image and likeness. We judge others only with our “bell tower”.
  • If you can not become kind to a person, try to ignore him completely. If your colleagues do not allow you to live quietly, change your job, it’s necessary that people around you are pleasant to you. You will see: the stresses and strains will leave you, life will be calm and happy, your health will improve and diseases recede away.
  • Learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Another thing is that the methods of forgiveness are not always clear: for example, you just can not ask for forgiveness – the person is far away or even is no longer in this world? In fact, it is not so difficult: the main thing is to ask for forgiveness sincerely, in the soul, and send that person a mental image of your forgiveness. If forgiveness is sincere, it will be heard. By the way, petty offenses, accumulated over the years, are creating the “dark karma”, which ardent materialists do not even want to hear about. But the essence of the universal law, referred to this concept is very simple and clearly expressed in the famous proverb: “You will reap what you’ ve sown.”

Let’s make a conclusion: change yourself and the world will change for you. Foster a love for people, and they will answer you with mutual love.

Canadian Family Pharmacy advice: Be a responsible person

Another effective way, supported by numerous psychologists is to become a responsible person. The advice may seem strange for you: after all, we are adult men with education, work (often prestigious) or business, family and children (and even grandchildren), but, sadly, most people are responsible adults only biologically, but their psychological maturation have stopped at the level of 15-17 years old. Adults will not make decisions under the influence of emotions and will be able to remain calm in any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem.

responsibleIt’s possible to develop maturity at any age – it’s never too late, and the first step is to take responsibility for all their emotions and feelings. Many people are aware of this responsibility on the level of intelligence but people tend to forget about everything in critical situations – they react as programmed machines and then blame themselves in temper. The first aid is a deep breath: the method, which is also known to everyone, but not everyone used. This allows you to add oxygen in the blood – usually people “can’t get enough air” in problem situations, so deep breathing helps reduce the emotional stress – try to check it. When you feel a little calmer, immediately ask yourself the question: “Why was I so excited? Do adults behave in this way?” Sometimes this is enough to regain your composure.

It’s perfect, if someone of your close people has gained the respect of others for his ability to self-control. Then you can imagine how they would have behaved in a similar situation – is also very helpful. You can also use the method of “looking sidewise”: watch other people when they are angry and behave aggressively. The spectacle is unpleasant, but it is necessary to imagine yourself in their place in a difficult moment – then this picture will be turned on automatically in following stressful situations, and you ill quickly recover tranquility – no one wants to look like a “monster”.

Canadian Family Pharmacy advice: Live in the bright present!

There are other tips that we rarely take seriously, even though they also work perfectly – like a “first aid”.

Other easy ways to calm nerves:

  • Look at the sky a few minutes;
  • try to imagine the world from a bird’s eye;
  • smile or imagine your relationship with the planet and the cosmos;
  • drink water or go for a walk.

And each of us should bear in mind that practically all people on Earth are equal. Never think that you are better than others. Perhaps you are a little luckier than someone else at this stage of life. But who knows what will happen tomorrow?! Always remain a human: compassionate, understanding, loving. Respect the people around you and people will respect you.

Remember that we create our future – in our present, which is “here and now”. Thus, keeping the peace and helping others do so, you provide yourself a life full of love and joy.