Nervous Breakdown: Causes and Symptoms. Treatment of Nervous System Disorders

The life of a modern man is full of different stresses and other factors that cause nervous disorders of different severity. The vulnerability of the nervous system is something may people complain of. Such nervous systems are more typical for people who, in this sense, have nothing to lose.

Nervous BreakdownSince childhood we hear that the nerve cells do not regenerate, and today this statement is as relevant as never before. However, it is worth noting that the fact does not correspond to the reality: adult neurons do not divide or multiply like other cells, but their ability to recover is in their nature. This process, called neurogenesis, was discovered by neoroscientists only at the end of the XX century and has been little studied.

Another thing is that our nerve cells do not have a possibility to restore their functions at least to some extent, as we do not give them time to do so, we constantly overload our nervous system with new “disasters”, explaining that as anecessity.

Widespread nervous disorders. Canadian Family Pharmacy Guide

Most nervous disorders are classified by doctors and canadian pharmacies online as neuroses of various kinds. Nervous disorders symptoms are similar, but their treatment is different.

  • activity of the entire nervous system is inhibited, and the person feels tired all the time;
  • a person becomes irritable and aggressive;
  • a person suffers from insomnia;
  • he may also suffer from tachycardia;
  • body weight may increase or decrease for no apparent reason.

These conditions are typical for most people, so they are not considered in society as something unusual: we allow ourselves to be upset and nervous for different reasons, and it is considered quite a normal reaction – in a word, everything is flipped “upside down”. Stress induced nervous breakdown is the most popular phenomenon. The condition can be temporary, but it can also turn into a chronic: Now it happens often – stresses and loads layer each other, and neurasthenia is transformed into a kind of “snowball”.


The next kind of nervous disorders an obsessive disorder, it is considered a form of neurosis and neurasthenia, but it usually arises on the basis of a long depression.

This nervous disorder symptoms include:

  • unsubstantiated fears;
  • unwarranted anxiety;
  • dismay, etc.

Nervous tension becomes a permanent and a general condition of a man suffers. In most cases, people realize that all this is not normal, but can not cope with it. Many phobias are also included into this list – this is obsession, and it is not advised to delay the treatment – it is necessary to address a neurologist and a psychologist.


Hysteria is another kind of a nervous breakdown. Formerly it was considered a sham, a result of egocentrism or bad parenting. Upbringing can actually be the cause of a hysterical behavior: adults behave like children, falling on the floor, screaming, stamping their feet and crying – a “performance in the public”, but modern doctors say that such people often have problems with the nervous system.

Hysteria is accompanied by:

  • nausea;
  • loss of appetite;
  • body weight reduction;
  • heart rhythm disturbance, low-grade fever (slightly above 37 °).

All these symptoms are caused not by a pathology of internal organs, but a breakdown.

Other nervous disorders causes

  • Chronic hypoxia is an oxygen starvation associated with permanent stay in the poorly ventilated closed spaces: in cities people spend much of their time in this way;
  • Electromagnetic radiations which you can’t escape from: modern buildings are literally filled with metal and appliances, so people are exposed to electromagnetic fields 24 hours a day;
  • Hereditary and other diseases can also cause nerve damage, but this theme is separate and large.

Nervous Disorders TreatmentDoctor and patient

Treatment of neurosis are carried by specialists:

  • a psychologist;
  • a neurologist;
  • a neurologist;
  • a psychotherapist;
  • a psychiatrist.

As a rule, they prescribe not only drugs but also psychotherapy courses. Doctors also prescribe tranquilizers, nootropics and antidepressants; it is worth noting that the most preparates influence the symptoms of neurosis rather than their true causes. Therefore, consult your doctor as early as possible: vitamins and mineral supplements, physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy, as well as folk remedies may help you in the early stages of the disease. All the necessary antidepressants you may buy online at Canadian Family Pharmacy: Prozac, Wellbutrin SR, Lexapro, Zoloft, Desyrel and others