What are Generic Medications?

Generic is a drug sold under international non-proprietary name or under brand name, generic name should be different from the original one. Generic composition has no difference from the original but it is much cheaper. There is a very large selection of different generic drugs.

Generics Creation

Production of generic drugs has gained unprecedented speed in India. Today, most of the companies are concentrated there to produce known worldwide pharmaceutical analogues. Product sales market includes relatively large countries: Russia (40%), the USA (10%), Japan (15%), Germany (10%), France (17%), etc. We may come to the conclusion that great number of countries carry out selling or purchasing of generic drugs.


Generics Types

The range of products focused on restoration of male sexual function, impresses by diversity. Made from plant components, it is beneficial to patient’s overall health: eliminate diseases of pelvic organs, normalizes process of blood circulation, prevents appearance of premature ejaculation, increases sensation during orgasm and prolongs duration of intimacy in a few times. Along with the original drugs, generics are gaining increasing popularity – medications that have not only identical effects on male body, but also a lower cost. My Canadian Family Pharmacy: cfop.biz has the same range of medications directed to eliminate symptoms of various diseases.

As it is known from world’s experts, development and production of genuine products in the field of medicine takes years. Of course, during this time fabulous sums are spent, so as a result manufacturers have several purposes, one of which is to cover costs incurred. Due to this consumer is not able to purchase high quality and efficiency generics drugs at low price. However, sooner or later, validity of patent for manufacture of drug expires, and other companies enter world pharmaceutical market. They are engaged in production of generic drugs, which do not require a lot of expenses.

What is the Difference between the Original and Generic Drugs?

The main advantage of buying generic is its low cost, due to the fact that product is made “by proxy”. The essence of this procedure is that companies manufacturing original products, provided a formula on basis of which the new generic drugs will be developed by specialists. In this case company does not think about what expenses you must incur for testing and advertising. Note that quality and effectiveness of generic drugs is quality of original products. Of course, to reduce cost of product manufacturers change its dosage and composition of additive agents.

As for appearance, generic resources differ from original in shape, color and composition. And shape and color are intellectual property company, which sells products. The company also prefers to modify manufactured products name. Thus, analog of Viagra is called Generic Viagra.

This includes data items, and ease in use. Modern generics have several dosage forms: tablets, capsules, ointments, gels, sprays. The user selects appropriate option based on personal desires.

As it is known, production process of drug with time is improved. Depending on choice of formulation manufacturers have opportunity to reduce risk of adverse side effects. The quality of their use remains unchanged, and discomfort after consuming is reduced considerably.