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The Opening of New Era. Antibiotics Changed our World

This event is called a revolution in medicine: thanks to it, diseases from which people died for millennia became curable. Here Canadian Family Pharmacy speaks about discovery of antibiotics : 85 years ago, in 1928, British bacteriologist Alexander Fleming first discovered penicillin. Sometimes not Washing Dishes is Useful The find, which changed the course of history, was an accident. Fleming’s contemporaries noted that, being a brilliant researcher, he was not very careful. In his laboratory, there was often a mass, and […]

5 Myths about Antibiotics, or What Love for Pills can Cause

Myth 1. Antibiotics are the Most Effective Remedy for Flu and Colds, and Almost All Diseases The main thing is to learn: colds and flu are caused by viruses, and antibiotics, which kill bacteria, are powerless against viruses ! If you take antibiotics during flu or ARVI, then you can get sick even harder – already weakened by flu organism you «finish off» with aggressive medications. Moreover, in future, if you have, for example, pneumonia, antibiotics may simply not work. Uncontrolled widespread use of […]

A Saving Mold: History of Penicillin by Canadian Family Pharmacy

As early as 1930s, thousands of people died of dysentery, pneumonia, typhus, pulmonary plague, and sepsis was a death sentence. «When I woke up at dawn on September 28, 1928, I certainly did not plan a revolution in medicine by my discovery of the world’s first antibiotic or killer-bacterium,» wrote in his diary Alexander Fleming, the man who invented penicillin . The idea to use microbes in the fight against microbes appeared in the XIX century. […]

Canadian Family Pharmacy Antibiotics: Action and Features

Antibiotics are sold without prescription in many countries. On the one hand it makes them easier to use, but on the other – this fact contributes to the development of resistance of various pathogens to this medication – due to common human fecklessness. Often doctors prescribe antibiotics for children. They treat the temperature that lasts a few days as a tragedy. It is not a secret that the cause of many diseases are microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi […]