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Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease May Be Deadly Duo – Canadian Family Pharmacy Voice

This article about ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and heart disease the both of these together can be a deadly duo and a bit more about the Canadian Family Pharmacy where you can get help for ED over the internet.

First we will look at the ED

Michael Bohn, MD of Canadian Family Pharmacy which is the lead by the author, have the study and chairman of internal medicine at the university of Saarland in Germany.  He has released information regarding this problem; ED might be the systoms of early atherosclerosis:

“Atherosclerosis”refers arteries’s harding and narrowing, this gets a load of bad press but there is a good reason for this. Because of arteries’s narrowing and harding, it can slowly block arteries, which out the blood flow at risk. This gives birth to the problems like peripheral vascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes these together is called a “cardiovascular disease” this is the no 1 killer in America with at least 800,000 deaths in 2005.

Who will get this disease and how to treat it?

The most likely cause of this disease is by high blooded pressure, smoking or high cholesterol. You rarely notice these symptoms until you are middle age of an older age. In a worst case scenario studies have shown that this can cause sudden rupture, which allows the blood to clot inside the artery if this happens in the brain it could cause a stroke and if it affects the heart it might cause a heart attack.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence is known as a sexual dysfunction, which means having trouble getting and maintain an erection. This process is often a result of sexual arousal, it mean when the brain send signal to the nerves in the penis. These dysfunctions might be caused by cardiovascular disease and diabetes, also could be caused by trauma, hormonal insufficiencies and it could be side effects of a drug.

Happy, Healthy & Hard with Canadian Family Pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction affects one in every four men aged 65 years and above. For men less than 65 years, the statistic is one in every twenty men. Erectile dysfunction used to be considered an elderly man’s disease but studies into the causes showed that even in younger men; ED can be problematic.

Canadian Family Pharmacy has prepared this article to help you understand how you can get your happiness back and enjoy life once again if ED had taken the joy out of life. Read the corresponding articles in the category “Erectile Dysfunction“.

It is no secret that performance in bed is linked to the male ego. Failure to perform in bed can destroy the confidence and self-esteem of any man. This in turn leads to frustration on the partner’s end. It’s a common problem that sex experts discuss that when a man is suffering from ED, and there is no open and honest communication between the partners, the happiness of that relationship begins to suffer.

So, what can couples do to ensure they remain happy, healthy and the man, hard?


Communication is crucial to the happiness and health of any relationship and even more so when there is a serious condition like ED to be discussed. Most men feel too embarrassed and too ashamed to even bring up the subject with anyone, let alone their partner. In the case when they do end up going to see a sex therapist, it is not uncommon to find that the man is reluctant to go with his partner. However many sex therapists admit that erectile dysfunction does more damage to the neglected partner than the man suffering from ED. This is because the man suffering from ED may begin to withdraw intimacy from their partner. This leads the other person to feel rejected and isolated and oftentimes there is no counseling for theneglected partner.

Canadian Family Pharmacy Study: High BPA Linked to Sex Problems in Men 

It is hoped that through this article prepared by the Canadian Family Pharmacy on the link between BPA and sex problems in men, you will be equipped to make better decisions about your health and know where to find help when you need it most.

Bisphenol A also known as BPA is a chemical compound that is found mainly in goods made of plastic. In a study carried out in China and also another study carried out in the USA on factory workers who work in close relation with the said chemical, it was seen that men who work in environments where they are exposed to the chemical were more likely to face issues with reproduction and potency than workers not exposed to BPA.

The chemical is already one of the most highly controversial compounds in use in factories today and can be found in a wide range of products. It’s so common that it can be found inalmost anything made of plastic. In a test carried out on a larger scale, traces of the chemical were found in the urine samples of 9 out of every 10 Americans.

Previous tests had only been done on rats and other lab animals. The Chinese authorities decided to run a series of these tests on the workers in the Chinese factories to get real human clinical results. De-Kun Li a scientist working for the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute said that the results of the study were cause for great concern. The risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction quadrupled. Another sexual problem that was also likely to occur was difficulty in ejaculation by these exposed factory workers. The study was sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

It comes as no surprise then when men working in factories such as these end up buying ED medication from pharmacies like Canadian Family Pharmacy.

Just how dangerous is BPA?

One would have thought that the men who had been exposed to BPA for longer time periods would be the only ones at risk. However this was not true as men who had just joined the factories and had been working there less than a year also showed signs of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The study carried out in China showed that the exposure levels that the men were working under were 50 times higher than those of their compatriots in America. This posed an interesting question where the issues of whether lower level exposure would still lead to complications with potency.

This study proved to key because lobbyists who had for years been fighting against the use of the estrogen-like chemical since the 1930s were given solid evidence to prove their theories. Prior to these studies the only studies had been on rats and other animals and this hadn’t provided sufficient ground to make a case out their allegations. Now with human studies at their disposal there is going to be a lot of lobbying for healthier working conditions.

New Erection Drug Faster, Safer – Analyze with Canadian Family Pharmacy? 

As human beings we are always looking for the latest gadget and gizmo, and the same holds true in the medical domain. With the release of the newest erection drug there have been questions about its effects. Is it faster? Is it safe? In this article prepared by Canadian Family Pharmacy Corp we are going to discuss each of these aspects and see if this latest addition to the already impressive line of erectile dysfunction drugs is any better than what is already on the market.

When Generic Cialis was released many people asked the same questions. Could any drug, no matter how good ever replace the much loved blue Viagra pill? It was the same story when Levitra came out. While the three major ED drugs have gone head-to-head over the years in terms of sales and competition, they seem to have each established a niche in the market and are set on staying there. So is there room for another drug on that ED shelf in our Canadian Family Pharmacy?

New Kid on the Block

The new kid on the ED shelf is Avanafil. The drug was launched in 2009 and even though many would not call that new, when it comes to medicine and seeing how drugs perform over time, Generic Avanafil would still be considered relatively new.

The drug of course has been met with great joy by some who were slowly but surely building resistance to the drugs already in existence. Avanafil arrived at a time when people were looking to alternative sources of medicine in a bid to try and cure erectile dysfunction and can be obtained today at Canadian Family Pharmacy.

People looking for cures had tried natural methods from acupuncture to drinking ginseng when Avanafil jumped onto the train of existing ED drugs. However the warm reception hasn’t come from all quarters as some health practitioners have expressed concern over the newness of the drug with some claiming that not enough clinical trials have been done to ascertain just how the drug is meant to function.