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New Erection Drug Faster, Safer – Analyze with Canadian Family Pharmacy? 

As human beings we are always looking for the latest gadget and gizmo, and the same holds true in the medical domain. With the release of the newest erection drug there have been questions about its effects. Is it faster? Is it safe? In this article prepared by Canadian Family Pharmacy Corp we are going to discuss each of these aspects and see if this latest addition to the already impressive line of erectile dysfunction drugs is any better than what is already on the market.

When Generic Cialis was released many people asked the same questions. Could any drug, no matter how good ever replace the much loved blue Viagra pill? It was the same story when Levitra came out. While the three major ED drugs have gone head-to-head over the years in terms of sales and competition, they seem to have each established a niche in the market and are set on staying there. So is there room for another drug on that ED shelf in our Canadian Family Pharmacy?

New Kid on the Block

The new kid on the ED shelf is Avanafil. The drug was launched in 2009 and even though many would not call that new, when it comes to medicine and seeing how drugs perform over time, Generic Avanafil would still be considered relatively new.

The drug of course has been met with great joy by some who were slowly but surely building resistance to the drugs already in existence. Avanafil arrived at a time when people were looking to alternative sources of medicine in a bid to try and cure erectile dysfunction and can be obtained today at Canadian Family Pharmacy.

People looking for cures had tried natural methods from acupuncture to drinking ginseng when Avanafil jumped onto the train of existing ED drugs. However the warm reception hasn’t come from all quarters as some health practitioners have expressed concern over the newness of the drug with some claiming that not enough clinical trials have been done to ascertain just how the drug is meant to function.