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How to Choose an Online Pharmacy?

It is not easy for an ordinary buyer to choose an online pharmacy since there is a huge number of drugstores on the market. How to make the right choice? Let’s find it out. 5 tips for choosing an online pharmacy If you do not want to lose valuable time and spend extra money, you should choose a reliable pharmacy. When choosing a drugstore, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Generic Drugs: Answers to Common Questions

What are generics? Generic is a copy of the original drug. A company that has recorded a drug with a new molecule or a combination of molecules receives a patent. The patent validity time is 20 years. After this period has passed, other pharmaceutical companies are also eligible to release and sell generics of this medicine. If there are talks not about a small molecule (aspirin, ibuprofen), but about a large one, then such drugs are called biosimilars, or bioanalogs. The list includes vaccines or monoclonal antibodies (used in experimental HIV treatment).

Insurance Plans in the USA

What is health insurance and who needs it?

US health insurance is a contract with an insurance company under which you pay a certain amount each month to an insurance company. It, in turn, contributes to the part of the medical expenses in case of your disease.

Medicine in America is really very expensive, so you cannot neglect insurance. Another powerful argument in favor of signing an agreement is that, according to the Affordable Care Act, medical insurance is compulsory for all legal country residents. For its absence, a fine is imposed. The fine amount is equal, on average, to $350-400.

US citizens, holders of a green card, refugees, persons who have received political or humanitarian asylum, as well as holders of non-immigrant visas (including workers and students) are considered legal residents.Insurance Plans in America

How to get health insurance?

Depending on your life circumstances and income level, US health insurance, you can:

  • purchase on your own;
  • part of the expenses is paid by the state;
  • the state covers the insurance in full;
  • the employer covers insurance plan in part or in full.

What types of health insurance exist?

The first type of insurance is HMO – health maintenance organizations. The cost of this type of health insurance in the USA is the lowest. It happens because you are eligible to attend the very limited number of doctors and medical facilities. You will have to be treated in institutions of only one network. You will have a primary physician who will issue referrals to other specialists. Coverage does not include services provided outside the network, except in cases of emergency medical care.

The second one is PPO – preferred provider organizations. The broader range of medical institutions can be visited to get professional help. You can be treated both in the network institutions and outside it. Also, you do not need to make a referral to specialists, they will take you in any case. Buying this type of medical insurance in the USA will cost much more than any other plan.

There are also other, less popular types of insurance. Point-of-service (POS) assumes that you will pay less using the services of doctors and hospitals from the network.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) is the same as HMO. This is different only on a primary doctor and mandatory referrals.

What are insurance plans and how much does it cost?

Depending on the percentage of coverage of medical expenses, there are five basic insurance plans:

  • platinum – about 90% is paid by the insurance company;
  • gold – the insurance company pays about 80%;
  • silver – the insurance company pays about 70%;
  • bronze – the insurance company pays about 60%;
  • minimum insurance. It is created only for emergency cases. It is available exclusively to persons under 30 years of age or to those who can confirm that they are in a difficult financial situation.

Insurance plans are distinguished by many important points, such as:

  • co-pay (a fixed amount that you pay for each medical service, and the balance is covered by the insurance company);
  • deductible (the amount that you need to spend before the insurance cover starts to work);
  • co-insurance (you pay a certain percent of the cost, the rest is covered by the insurance company);
  • out-of-pocket maximum (the maximum amount spent during the year that you begin to receive 100% coverage from the insurance company).

Dental and ophthalmic insurance are traditionally bought separately. Dentist services include perhaps children’s health insurance in the United States.

The cost of insurance, for the most part, will depend on your income, residence and the selected insurance plan. For example, in 2016 Kaiser Permanente type of HMO insurance for a family of one person will cost from $160 (minimum insurance plan) to $315 (platinum plan) per month.

Where and when to buy insurance?

You can buy US health insurance through the Health Insurance MarketPlace. This is an insurance market. There is a national resource, but some states have their own websites. For example, in California, you can buy insurance on the website.

There is also a certain time for purchasing insurance in the USA – from November 15 to February 15 annually. But insurance prices during this same year remain unchanged. Cases of relocation, changes in family composition and the like are an exception. It allows you to purchase insurance outside the prescribed period.

Testosterone Gel and Viagra- Combining Them Is the Perfect Solution for a Better Treatment

What is there to be done when you are facing certain sexual difficulties? Many men are facing problems like this, but the most frequent one is erectile dysfunction (ED) and arterial hypertension. In situations like this, men have to deal with certain symptoms that can cause uneasiness. Sexual problems that are appearing, caused by low testosterone level, often cause emotional changes, fatigue and other psychological and physical issues. The most common oral medicine, known also in popular culture for recreational use, is Sildenafil, often called Viagra. However, big percentage of men population, around 30%, or more, can’t find satisfaction and improvement using only this medication.

Studies on Viagra and Testosterone

Very big progress has been confirmed in the following study. There was started started a study in which 75 men participated with the range of their ages being between 18 to 80 years. They started with a test drive, combining testosterone gel in conjunction with Viagra, and it showed very significant results.

At the beginning, the group was divided into two parts: the first one was given testosterone gel, and the other one got a placebo medicine. After a very short time, the results were encouraging. After applying testosterone gel on the skin, combined with Viagra, the first group had as a result increasing the level of testosterone in the blood. The improvement showed 34% rate. On the other hand, the group with placebo medicine didn’t show any improvement with their condition.

In a really short period of time, they were more satisfied with their overall condition, including physical potential and their ED problems, but they also felt emotionally stronger. And it only took four weeks for first positive results, which was incredible prove.

Sexual difficulties

Solution is right there

When you think some problems can’t be solved, look at the right place. There is a solution for men with ED problems and low testosterone level! Combining these two medicines, using Viagra as a primary medicine and adding gel testosterone, you will feel improvement with threating your ED problems right away.

Basic medicines we have in are offer are:

  • Levitra
  • Viagra
  • Cialis

It is highly recommended to use these medicines along with testosterone gel if your testosterone level is low. Only that way you will fell change and improvement. Sexual stimulation with erection as a result, is guaranteed. Only by using testosterone gel, through certain chemical process (increasing the level of the chemical called nitric oxide, blood flow is better and the muscles are relaxed).

Many patients felt improvement after ordering testosterone gel from Canadian Family Pharmacy. Increasing the testosterone level is the first step in the treatment of ED problems. Combining Viagra and testosterone gel is the best solution.

Some other treatments are also available in our service:

Before doing something permanent, you should try some alternatives we offered to you.

Kamagra 200mg – New Dose Will Make Your Erection Better!

Kamagra is a popular generic of Viagra with an advanced formulation used to treat erectile dysfunction. Today, more and more men all over the globe prefer to order this medication due to its efficiency and affordability. The drug contains the same active ingredient as Viagra – sildenafil. The substance intensifies the blood flow to the penis, which results in a stable and strong erection. The medical scientists confirmed that Kamagra copes with erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases. The average dosage of Kamagra is 50 mg but not all men are able to reach the desired result after this minimum …

Erectile Dysfunction Risk Factors: Alcohol Abuse and Smoking

What is the link between potency and alcohol? Potency is the body’s ability to perform a sexual act. This term usually refers to male sexuality. And impotence (inability to achieve and maintain erection necessary for sexual contact) is caused either by physical or psychological reasons. However, in many cases both of these factors are involved. But “sexual weakness” can be explained by other reasons. These include: excessive alcohol consumption; smoking; excessive physical exercise, for example, cycling; recreational drugs, such as cocaine; fatigue and stress; abdominal surgery, for example, prostate surgery; environmental factors, such as pesticides. Many people believe that potency …

Exciting Facts About Erection Provided by Canadian Family Pharmacy

Erection is a reflection of your physical and mental health. Problems with erection arise for various reasons: illness, stress, problems in relationships, at work, etc. Erectile dysfunction attacked every man, at least several times in his life. Sexual dysfunction can occur after consuming significant doses of alcohol, taking certain medical or narcotic drugs, and just fatigue or nervous tension. You can make love even with a weak erection. A man can go through all levels of excitation, completing them with an orgasm, even if the penis is not hard enough. If you periodically notice the absence of an erection, for example, in …

How to Prolong Ejaculation? Tips by Canadian Family Pharmacy

Intimate contact is the main component of a family life of every man. Intimacy should bring pleasure to both partners. But often the balance is broken and sex becomes unsatisfactory. The common reason for this is the disorder of the male sexual function, which weakens erection. The penis can become hard, but ejaculation can occur as quickly. Short-term act does not give both men and women the opportunity to enjoy the process. In addition, premature ejaculation does not give a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, the quality of sex directly depends on the duration of erection and if this …

Erectile Dysfunction: Essence of This Male Sexual Disorder

Erectile Dysfunction: Statistics and Anatomy According to Canadian Family Pharmacy erectile dysfunction problem ticklishness makes many men keep quiet about their disease, avoiding visiting a doctor. However, in this situation it is necessary to take into account that delicate situation appearance can only be the tip of the iceberg, which hides the pathologies of cardiovascular system or diabetes mellitus. Erectile dysfunction to some extent occurs in 110 million men. Men at the age of 40 account for 5% of the total, for the age of 60 years – 15-25%. Often, erectile dysfunction is called impotence. However, such a definition is …

Canadian Family Pharmacy Explains the Essence of Cialis Online

Probably many men have heard of the word Viagra, as a preparation to improve their erectile function. The analogue of this drug is Cialis in Canadian Family Pharmacy it is sold in a dosage of 5 to 20 mg in yellow packaging. But how is it different from its predecessor? First, Cialis was created several years after the sildenafil release. Therefore, Cialis online has, by definition, fewer side effects. For example, if a headache is possible when taking Viagra, then Cialis does not have such a side effect, but it can provoke back pain and face redness. These side effects are manifested because …