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Price Policy

Price PolicyCanadian Family Pharmacy works hard to save your money every day. We strive to offer you the lowest possible prices every time you order drugs from our website. Because our online pharmacy is international, you may find product or prices that are much lower than those from your local store. At the same time, we guarantee that our product quality is at the highest level. We make every effort to provide you with the best possible shopping experience with our website!

Why so cheap drugs at Canadian Family Pharmacy?

The establishment of an online store costs much cheaper than the establishment and equipment of a regular store. Besides, regular pharmacies have to pay an expensive rent of the premises, electricity, utilities and other costs. For the maintenance of an online pharmacy, we need much less people (not counting the delivery service). Besides, the regular pharmacy have to pay to maintenance personnel (cleaners, security guards, plumbers, electricians, loaders, etc.).

Thus, the cost of Canadian Family Pharmacy running is significantly lower than that of a regular store. Therefore, the prices in our online store are usually lower.

Canadian Family Pharmacy price policy gives customers an opportunity to:

  • Get the lowest price on the net;
  • save money on all medications;
  • take advantage of discounts and sales;
  • get more pills at less prices;
  • find the drug suitable for any budget;
  • order high quality remedies for all your family members;
  • get pleasant bonuses.

Special Offers and Sales

Canadian Family Pharmacy strives to offer its customers the most user-friendly service. That’s why we constantly organize sales and special offers that will help you save even more. Using these opportunities, you can save up to 50% on your medications. Regular customers will also appreciate free additional pills designed to relieve you of various symptoms.

All our special offers and sales are presented on the main page of our website. Follow our news to be aware about special offers, coupon codes, discounts and sales. You can get a great deal even if you a first-time user of our online pharmacy! We try to meet all our customer’s expectations.

No need to pay for delivery!

Our customers do not have to worry about sky-high delivery prices that would make a final price for any product extremely high. Ordering drugs in bulk, you not only get a lower price per unit but also a free delivery! Get acquainted with our Shipping and Payment Policy and learn how to save even more!

We sincerely believe that Canadian Family Pharmacy will become your family drug supplier. Having ordered once, you will surely contact us again. Our company is truly considered one of the best online pharmacies!