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Confidentiality Policy

Canadian Family Pharmacy is online pharmacy specializing in generic medications sale. This online pharmacy is considered to be well-known all over the world due to outstanding service they provide to customers.

Canadian Family Pharmacy – – has gained trustworthy reputation because they do their best to meet customers’ needs.

confidentiality policyThis online store follows all confidentiality issues exactly:

  1. all the orders are arranged by one specialist with absolute anonymity;
  2. all the packages are opaque and non-transparent. It means that even post-officer won’t know what there is inside the package;
  3. all the personal data is protected.

You may read reviews about Canadian Family Pharmacy and its service and find the answers to all bothering you questions. If there are still questionable issues you are welcome to contact us.

Canadian Family Pharmacy takes all efforts to satisfy customers from all over the world and provide them with everything required for their health condition improvement. Our staff is delighted to serve you at any time of day and night.