The Truth About Diets: Facts and Rules

All About DietsHealthy food is a basis of long life without pains and diseases. Besides, healthy food is an also excellent appearance: purity and good color of skin, hair, a slim figure, a beautiful smile and other things. At the same time many people think that it is enough to take some diet pills to reach beauty and symmetry, and then it is possible to afford fat high-calorie food again. And so, remember: healthy food has to become the principle of all your life, but not a month or a week! The healthy nutrition is “one way ticket”, and if you aren’t going to keep it all the time, – you should not even begin.

How to start a healthy diet? First of all, we advise to consult a diet doctor for him to make a diet plan for you. It’s not difficult to get used to healthy food. Actually, only 21 days are needed for the person for development of long term habit. How to pass to healthy food in three weeks?

Rules for a Healthy Life: Canadian Family Pharmacy Advice

  1. Eat with small portions 5 times a day, that is every 3 hours. Buy a small 200 gram plate and there will be no temptation to eat too much. Also, you may purchase a small spoon and a fork. Let your family laugh if they want, and you will become slim at this time!
  2. The breakfast has to consist of porridge (buckwheat and oat – the best choice!), fermented milk products and fruit. At the same time it is better to eat fruit in 20-30 minutes after the main food so that no “fermentation” begin in a stomach. Nutritionists recommend to use whites and vegetables (crude or stewed) for lunch. At the same time it is possible to afford low-fat meat, fish, a liver or eggs as protein-containing products. You’d better limit your dinner to a plate of low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of low-fat kefir. There have to be two “snacks” between three main meals, it may be nuts, fruit, yogurts, various berries.
  3. Your organism should receive enough clear water. It is necessary to drink a glass of water in 20 minutes prior to each meal. And during food and within 40 minutes after it try not to drink! In total, it is necessary to drink not less than 2 liters of water per day, and during a heat even more. But don’t drink just before the night, otherwise you will wake up with the swelled face. Nutritionists recommend having also green tea without sugar (it is possible with a honey spoon). As for fruit juice, fruit drinks and compotes, most of modern nutritionists consider that advantage of them is not that great, you’d better eat natural fruit – a juicy crackling apple, sweet cherry or ripe raspberry. You may afford any fruit, except bananas and grapes, but no more than 300 g per day.
  4. If you are a sweets’ lover, it is possible to afford some delicacy (not too fat!) in the first half of the day, till 12 o’clock. And it is better to refuse sugar at all and replace it with moderate amount of honey (the norm for the adult is 1-2 tablespoons of honey a day).
  5. Refuse white bread! It’s a necessary rule for a healthy weight loss diet! Let it become an impossible product for you! Refuse completely products from high-grade flour: scientists proved its unconditional harm for an organism. If you can’t without bread – choose rye or branny, it is possible to use dietary small loafs.
  6. If you want to pass to healthy food in three weeks, it doesn’t mean to starve. You can eat meat, only not fat pork or mutton, and dietary chicken, a turkey or a rabbit. However, beef is good too, only without fat. At least two times a week you dinner should include fish, and desirable – sea fish. You may afford yourself seafood – shrimps, mussels, squids, octopuses, cuttlefishes. Eggs and bean are good replacement to meat, they are good sources of protein.
  7. Whenever possible replace potatoes with spinach, vegetable marrows and a cauliflower. Spice your food with chopped greens. Try not to fry food, and to stew, steam, boil or use in the raw.
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Once a week make a pleasant fasting day – choose the most suitable for yourself and enjoy kefir, buckwheat cereal or grapefruits. Let the organism feel lighter!

Do not forget about your immune system hardening. Buy vitamins and herbal supplements for weight loss at Canadian Family Pharmacy.

It is quite possible to pass to healthy food in three weeks. And then, as soon as you want fried potato, just remember what you managed to reach, praise yourself and think, what a pity will be to lose reached. Canadian Family Pharmacy team wishes you luck! You will manage it!