Canadian Family Pharmacy: Diet as a Lifestyle

What a woman in our time does not dream of losing weight, becoming beautiful and thin? On the way to ideal, one scrupulously counts calories, others severely restrict themselves in food, someone exhausts themselves with physical exercises. Almost every day new diets appear, promising instant weight loss, cosmetics industry offers the latest developments aimed at fighting with excess weight, season tickets to gyms are sold for a year ahead. But often desired result is achieved only by dozens of ladies, and only few of them retain weight for many years. How to get closer to dream, and most importantly, to maintain the result – this will be discussed in this article by online store – Canadian Family Pharmacy.

A Man is What He Eats

In recent years, healthy lifestyle has become a fashion. Women who follow modern trends are beginning to realize that there is little use from short-term and strict diets, because lost kilograms return immediately, as soon as you stop limiting yourself. Much more useful and effective is rational weight loss, which includes basics of healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition as a diet. Of course, there will not be instant result, but there will be no «breakdowns», so known to fans of strict diets.healthy diet with canadian family pharmacyPoor health, dizziness, lack of strength and energy are invariable companions of strict diets with maximum limitations. Moreover, hair falls out, nails are frayed, skin grows dull. All this is a stress for any woman. And when stressed, many of us are used to eat something tasty. So it is a vicious circle. Full and balanced diet, on the contrary, helps to maintain skin, hair, nails in perfect condition and also positively affects work of all body systems.

It is also important to adhere rational nutrition for a long time (ideally – all life), but you should not feel hunger and guilt for every eaten crumb. After all, it is permissible to eat almost everything, it is important when and how much.

Principles of Healthy Nutrition

Firstly, stick to meals regimen. Breakfast is essential. Food should be eaten fractionally – 5 times a day in portions no larger than your palm. In no case should you starve. For snacks use fruits, nuts; at night you can drink a glass of 1% kefir. Be sure to comply with drinking regimen, a day you must drink up to two liters of clean water, not counting tea, juice, etc.

Secondly, there is no hurry. Meal should turn into a whole ritual: beautifully laid table, favorite utensils, neat serving. You should eat slowly, thoughtfully, thoroughly chewing food. When eating hasty, feeling of satiety comes slower, likelihood of overeating is very high, and as a consequence, weight gain.

Thirdly, caloric content of food should correspond to energy costs. Energy costs are calculated individually and depend on many factors (gender, age, weight, profession, level of physical activity). At average, for women, daily calorie content of food varies between 1800 – 2000 kcal, for men – 2000 – 3000 kcal. If there is a need to lose excess kilograms, then energy value of food should be reduced by 10 – 15%.

Fourthly, balanced nutrition. To always be healthy, vigorous and full of energy, diet should contain all basic nutrients in right proportions. So, share of carbohydrates should be 55 – 60% of daily caloric content, proteins – 15 – 20%, fats – 20 – 30%.

In addition, you should limit consumption of sugar and salt, try to eat foods that have undergone minimal treatment, eat at the same time. Daily it is necessary to eat a few portions of fruits and vegetables, move more, minimize bad habits. It is necessary to exclude from diet fried foods. Steam, grill, boil and bake – it’s much more useful.

If you are not able to say «no» to a piece of cake or a bun with raisins, Canadian Family Phamacy recommends to divide portion into even half and eat in the morning, then risk of harm to figure will not be so great. Among sweets it is better to choose bitter chocolate, honey, dried fruits, natural pastille, marshmallow, marmalade.

Divide et Empera

Healthy Lifestyle with canadian family pharmacyAnother popular system is separate diet for weight loss. As its followers say, this is a whole philosophy based on idea of compatibility and incompatibility of products. Thus, products that differ in chemical composition should be used separately and not mixed in one meal. This is due to the fact that for digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats special enzymes are needed that can not be released simultaneously. So, for example, proteins are digested in acidic medium, and carbohydrates – in alkaline. Therefore, if we have lunch with such a habitual dish as potato with meat or fish with rice, carbohydrates (potatoes or rice) will start to be digested first. This takes up to four hours. During this time, proteins (meat or fish) lie in stomach, begin to ferment and rot, waiting for their turn. In addition, non-oxidized carbohydrates and fats are deposited on our waist and hips as excess kilograms.

Principles of Separate Nutrition

  • You can not mix carbohydrates or proteins and sour food (bread, peas, bananas, meat, eggs can not be eaten with tomatoes, orange, pineapple).
  • You can not mix proteins and carbohydrates (eggs, milk, fish, cheese should be eaten separately from bread, cereals, noodles).
  • Do not eat several kinds of proteins in one meal.
  • Do not eat several types of starches at the same time (for example, porridge or potatoes with bread).
  • You can not mix fats with proteins (butter and vegetable oil, sour cream are not allowed to be eaten with meat, cheese, eggs).
  • It is not allowed to mix starches and sugar (porridge with jam, bread and jam are prohibited).
  • Watermelon, melon and milk are separate dishes and are always eaten separately.

Harm or Benefit

According to best online pharmacy studies, attitude to separate nutrition is very ambiguous. Supporters say that person who uses it reduces weight, improves well-being, reduces intoxication of the body, as there are no processes of fermentation and decay. In addition, such nutrition is useful for various problems with gastrointestinal tract, because it reduces burden on digestive system.

However, not all doctors agree with benefits of separate food. In opinion of nutritionists, this «artificial» system disrupts natural digestion, which is set by nature for many centuries. In addition, there are almost no products that consist solely of proteins, carbohydrates or fats, so «separation» of food is only relative.

Following system of separate nutrition or not is a personal choice. If you still decided to try, you should take into account that it is recommended to move on to it gradually, starting from one day a week and with careful control over your well-being. In combination with sports, effect of such nutrition will manifest itself after a couple of months.

Separate Nutrition for Different Blood Groups

This nutrition system is based on assertion that different blood groups appeared gradually in process of evolution. That is, primitive people inhabiting our planet had one single blood group. Further, with development of agriculture, the second group appeared, with migration and in process of domestication of animals – the third one, and finally the fourth group formed as a result of confusion of the two previous ones.

Representatives of the first blood group («hunters») are born leaders. For them, consumption of protein foods, especially meat, is natural. Such people have strong immune system and fast metabolism. However, digestion of dairy products is difficult for them. Also, you should limit consumption of cereals (except buckwheat), cabbage, corn.

The second blood group («farmers») is predominantly vegetarian. Such people have vulnerable digestive tract, reduced gastric acidity, and meat, as well as other high-protein foods, can cause excess weight. Therefore, diet should mainly contain carbohydrates and vegetable food. Soybean, legumes, cheese, fish serve as a source of protein. It is undesirable to consume turkey meat, chicken.

People who have the third blood group («nomads») are almost omnivorous. They have strong digestive system that adapts to digestion of any food. Restrictions apply only to poultry and seafood.

And, finally, the «youngest» and the smallest blood group – the fourth («mixed type»). Its owners should adhere to moderately mixed diet, they have weak immunity, sensitive stomach. It is necessary to avoid consumption of red meat, buckwheat, corn. Green salads, fish, soy contribute to weight to live, not live to eat

In Conclusion

Summing up, it should be said that choice of diet is a personal matter for everyone, but you must also take into account state of health, presence of chronic diseases, and your own eating habits, and desired result. In addition, correctly selected nutrition system should improve your state of health, give charge of strength and vigor, but in no case lead to fatigue and irritation. It is important to understand that any diet is a restriction in food, so intake of Canadian Pharmacy food additives and vitamin-mineral complexes is simply necessary for the body. Particular attention should be paid to sports. If there is no time and effort for gym, then use every opportunity to move a little. Staircase instead of elevator, walking walk instead of car, weekend in the park and not on the couch. And after a while you will notice that you can get pleasure not only from eating, that there is a lot of interesting things around, and that it’s not so difficult to be slim if you really want to.

«Eat to live, not live to eat» – the right motto and guide to action for each of us.