Canadian Family Pharmacy: Reflex Gastritis on Nervous Background

Diseases of stomach, accompanied by ulcers and erosion, basically have inflammatory process. As a result of significant changes in structure of cell, immune system, considering it alien, tries to destroy affected cell. Infection of cell can be result of toxins in bloodstream, as well as infections, such as Helicobacter pylori. Among causes of gastritis, person’s mental state is of great importance. It’s no secret that nervous breakdowns, depression directly affect deterioration of blood supply to mucosa. At the same time normal gastric motility changes, with violation of balance of protective and offensive functions of stomach, which are the main ones, which ultimately leads to development of gastritis on nervous background.

Symptoms of Nervous Gastritis

Speaking about gastritis on nervous background, it should be noted that its cause is not only nervous breakdown, but also presence of other factors, stressful situation can lead to instant development of the disease. The main signs of the disease that require immediate response include the following:Nervous Gastritis-causes and treatment

  • acute pain in abdomen after eating with no therapy can lead to fainting, tachycardia and rapid development of ulcer;
  • burning sensations in esophagus, nausea and heartburn;
  • unpleasant odor when belching;
  • heaviness in stomach, swelling and rumbling of abdomen.
  • lack of appetite, diarrhea.

In addition, symptoms of gastritis on nervous background, inherent to this type of gastritis can be attributed to rapid fatigue, drowsiness, arrhythmia, low blood pressure and pain in heart. Having found out in yourself corresponding signs, you should not engage in self-treatment. The danger of nervous gastritis is that it develops very quickly, and untimely medical help can lead to very serious complications.

Treatment of Nervous Gastritis

Method of treatment of this type of gastrointestinal tract disease results from the cause of the disease. Therefore, in addition to help of gastroenterology, it is absolutely necessary to consult psychotherapist. Psychotherapist will help patient to overcome anxiety and depression and teach to relax at proper time. Essential role in treatment of the disease corresponding to symptoms of this type of gastritis is to prescribe a diet and emotional rest, with exclusion of provoking factors.

Before beginning treatment course best online pharmacy recommends to make accurate diagnosis. The main method is gastroscopy, which is currently being done with no harm with the help of Japanese scientists development. Among types of gastritis on nervous background of chronic type, associated with disorders of gastric motility, reflex gastritis can be distinguished, which develops on the background of diseases of other organs and is caused by disorders of neuro-reflex regulation of stomach.

Such gastritis can be called secondary. Inflammation of other organs contributes to deterioration of blood supply of cells, which, together with nervous disorders, provokes development of ulcerative lesions of gastric mucosa. After elimination of destabilizing factors influencing mental health, on basis of results of analyzes treatment is appointed. In most cases, cause of gastritis is Helicobacter pylori bacteria and treatment is based on use of Canadian Pharmacy antibiotics in combination with drugs that remove unpleasant symptoms.

Antibiotics are taken for about two weeks. Antacid drugs are used to quickly eliminate such symptoms as eructation, heartburn, pain. Antisecretory drugs are used in case of increased acidity and prokinetics are necessary for normalizing the tone. Medical treatment is combined with dietotherapy. At exacerbation of the disease special diet should be strict, eliminating intake of food completely for at least one day.

Transition to chronic stage of nervous gastritis allows to switch to specialized menu adjusted to condition of a person. In any case, it is necessary to exclude from diet strong meat broths, fatty, spicy, salty foods. Consume lean meats, poultry, fish, vegetables steamed or boiled.

In addition to diet you should adhere to certain rules on regular meals in small portions, spend more time in fresh air, avoid physical activities on lifting weights. And most importantly, learn to control your emotions, realizing that painful perception of unpleasant situations primarily affects state of stomach.