How to Maintain Good Eyesight. Tips for Improving Eyesight

Eye care Eyesight deterioration is one of the most wide-spread problems of our eyes health.  What are the reason for eye problems? 

  • Fatigue;
  • bad habits;
  • work at the computer
  • chronic eye diseases;
  • injuries;
  • age farsightedness or nearsightedness.

But Canadian Family Pharmacy medstore researches show that about 80% of all visual impairments is associated with computers.

Ophthalmologist even have a special term “computer eye syndrome”: a person who spend long hours in from of the computer, has “sand” eyes, fog, burning sensation; eyes movements hurt, eyeballs become red; view can hardly be transferred from near objects to distant; objects are doubled in the eyes – there are a lot of different symptoms. People address an eye doctor rarely, and that’s a pity – because there are a lot of computers, but the eyesight is the only one.

General tips to maintain good eyesight

eye care

  • Exercises for those who work at the computer are numerous today – you can choose the appropriate ones for you, but there are some simple rules – compliance with them will help to reduce eye strain while working.
  • If you are writing or reading, lighting should be sufficient, and a desk lamp should be set not in the beautiful place, but in the place where it will be comfortable for your eyes.
  • If you can not tear yourself away from the computer, install the special program, and it will stop work every hour. It was created for the users which risk becoming an affix of the machine. So, you should make a 10-minutes-break every hour of work, and be sure to get up from your seat and move, do not just sit looking in the window.
  • As for the TV, you’d better stop watching it at all, although some experts believe that the short-time TV watching is beneficial for the eyes – in the sense that the picture on the TV screen is constantly changing, thus, training the eye. But our ancestors did not have the television, but their eyesight was better.
  • In general, if you really want to watch an interesting movie or a fun concert, sit in a chair far away from the TV, and directly opposite to the screen, but not in the place you put the furniture “for beauty.” The larger the TV screen is, the farther away it is necessary to sit. The optimal distance can be calculated by multiplying the diagonal size of the screen on the 5.
  • If you wear eyeglasses, take care of the apparatus – wipe it with a special solution, wash; do not throw plastic eyeglasses anywhere – put it in a special case, otherwise scratches on the lenses are guaranteed. Contact lenses generally require special care to avoid eye infections – everything depends on their type, do not wear lenses in case of irritation or inflammation of the eye.
  • Both eyeglasses and lenses should be periodically taken off, and not only at night – the eyes should have a rest.

Today, there are many ways of sight recovery, including surgery, but it is better to try to keep what you have – for example, do some light exercises. Eye doctors also recommend eye vitamins and eye drops for eye care, such as Lumigan eye drops, Xalatan, Combigan eye drops, Patanol eye drops, Alphagan, Acular eye drops. You may buy eye vitamins and eye drops online at Canadian Family Pharmacy.

Eye care: pure organism

organism pureOne of the important conditions for eyes health is the cleanliness inside the body, – the representatives of bioenergetic medicine remind us.

Today it is impossible to pretend that slags inside your body have no effect on your vision: toxins and slags are deposited everywhere, including the vessels – and the eyes have a great number of blood vessels, that is why we suffer from cataract and other eye pathologies. So it is necessary to start cleaning with the intestines, liver and kidneys; thus you will clear your blood, lymph and other body tissues. We do not speak about enemas (but sometimes you have to start with them), but about the whole body cleaning through food – there are a lot of techniques, you can choose the right one only after a consultation with a specialist, thus you won’t do any harm to your eyes.

When the body becomes cleaner, it will be easier to restore the energy balance of the eyes: bioenergy experts advise them to wash them with a weak solution of boric acid dissolved in a distilled water.

Eye care: Daylight for good eyesight

daylightThe next stage is accustoming the eye to the normal light. People, who rarely go for walk outside, suffer from a light and color fasting – vision deteriorates due to this.

Try spend more time outside without dark glasses – the normal sunlight has therapeutic and prophylactic effects on the eyes and improves the vision. Of course, this advice is not for people who suffers from high sensitivity to sunlight or eye diseases, as well as work in a very bright light long time. Such people are recommended glasses, absorbing up to 75% of sunlight – they should not be worn at night.

In summer, it is necessary to wear sunglasses with UV-filter, not just with darkened lenses – they will only worsen the situation (read about UV influence on your eyesight). It is better to remain without glasses: when the sun is bright, the apples of the eyes constrict, protecting the eyes from UV rays. This reflex does not work under the dark lenses .

Eye care: Nutrition and products for eyes

Of course, our eyes need a balanced diet – everyone know it, so let us just recall some products.

  • Vitamin A – carrots, tomatoes, red bell pepper, sea buckthorn, apricots, peaches, onions, parsley, dill.
  • Fruits and vegetables also contain other vitamins which we should pay a little more attention to.
  • Blueberry is very beneficial for the eye – the British pilots took it as a dietary supplement during World War II. Try to eat 200-300 grams of berries every day – you may also buy frozen or dried berries – they save practically all useful substances.

Recipes for improving eyesight by Canadian Family Pharmacyhealthy food

  • Onions (30 g) or its juice (1 tsp) – 3 times a day on condition you have no eye diseases in which the onion is contraindicated;
  • juice red beet (80-100 g) mixed with carrot juice (2 tablespoons) – every day 1-2 times a month;
  • candied honey mixed with a strong tea – reduces inflammation and improves eyesight – a size of a pea. Put 5 drops into both eyes and lie about 10 minutes;
  • nettle diet also improves eyesight and helps maintain it. Cook soups, salads, puddings and other dishes with nettle – by the end of the month your eyesight will significantly improve;
  • you may also use infusion of calendula flowers – there are many necessary substances and lutein in this plant, so it is particularly useful for those who work in front of the computer. In ancient times people believed they could improve their eyesight by just looking at its colorful flowers;
  • fresh Mulberry berries can also help you – in the old times people recovered the almost lost eyesight with their help. You just need to find fresh berries and eat them as much as possible.

In today’s world everyone feels a fighter: he is fighting for his “place in the sun”, trying to get an education, a prestigious job, a career, to achieve material prosperity. But people often forget about the core values: love and friendship, happiness, strong family, favorite hobbies and health. Remember that 80% of all the information (and now up to 90%) we get through the eyes, so the timely eyes health is more important than the most prestigious job and career!