All We Need To Know about Contact Lenses

Today is difficult to find people with perfect vision. With the invention of contact lenses, many people sighed with a relief – they solved many eyes problems and got rid of eyes glasses complexes.

All We Need To Know about Contact Lenses
Eye Lenses: Necessary invention

According to the Canadian Pharmacy statistics, more than half of people wearing lenses are young people aged between 13 and 24.

Not everyone knows that the idea of this know-how has been suggested by Leonardo da Vinci. What are eye lenses? The lens is a small piece of a round shape, made of a special material, which is attached to the cornea. The basis of contact lenses is a polymer, which is increasingly growing and becoming more comfortable with each passing year. It is important that this material be safe for health. Initially it was hard and caused discomfort, but today it is a soft polymer which is able to retain moisture. This prevents eye dryness and it’s very important – there must be a certain humidity.

Contact lenses vs eye glasses

Many people prefer contact lenses to usual glasses due to some factors:

  • eye lenses are not visible;
  • you can choose eye lenses color;
  • eye lenses are very beautiful and comfortable!

Perhaps, contact lenses is the best tool for eyesight correction, because people wear it directly on the front surface of the eye. It can take any form of the human eye. The correct lenses can create extremely high-quality images of objects on the retina, as well improve the visual capacity and reduce stress.

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Eye lenses types: How to choose eye lenses

So, if you decide to choose contact lenses, you have questions:

First of all, you come up with the life of the lenses, because there is a great variety of lenses.

One-day lenses should be changed daily. One-day lenses is the perfect choice for those who value comfort and time, because this type of lens has a number of advantages that can not offer other lenses:

  1. The first advantage is a lack of care and such additional tools, as a variety of cleaning fluids, cleaning tablets, etc.;
  2. One-day contact lenses are also used in the case if a person is allergic to universal lenses solutions;
  3. These lenses are the most convenient and safe, though quite expensive;
  4. They are more hygienic and eliminate the possibility of eye infections and eye twitching.
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Planned replacement contact lenses are usually used from two weeks to three months. It is clear that this type of lenses is not the most cost-effective, as they require frequent replacement, but this choice is good due to the presence of valuable advantages:

  1. Replacing the lens after small intervals we can significantly reduce the risk of defective lenses;
  2. These eye lenses reduce a probability of accumulation of tear sediment, bacteria and chemicals that are used for washing;
  3. Such lenses are very convenient for touring, trekking.

Traditional lenses can be used for six months and up to a year. Most buyers choose this kind of lenses due to the economy. These lenses require more daily care than other lenses, once a week with the use of special agents.

There is also a division of the lenses types:

  • some eye contact lenses are intended to correct some defects;
  • other eye contact lenses do not correct any defects.

Spherical lenses are used to correct nearsightedness / farsightedness.

There is another kind of lenses – to the delight of the stars and progressive young people – so-called decorative lenses. They are not curative, people wear them to give a certain color to their eyes.

Eye lenses wearing mode

There is another important point which you need to remember: eye lenses wearing mode. Most people prefer daily wear of lenses, which must be necessarily removed before going to bed. But there are two other types of lenses that eliminate the need of this: contact lenses of extended wear, ment for a period of two days and up to a month, and also flexible wear lenses – they may not be removed before the end of the using period.

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Ophthalmologist is necessary

eye doctorThe first thing to do if you want to wear lenses is to visit an ophthalmologist. He may be found in the city hospital, private medical centers and even in large stores specializing on the sale of optics.

The ophthalmologist will check your eyesight, determine the extent of the disease, eye sensitivity and select the most suitable lenses to you. After all, you need to consider a variety of factors when choosing the lenses: age, place of work and, of course, financial opportunities. Now there is such a variety of lenses that it will be easy to find suitable lenses for the particular case.

Eye lenses store and care

Usually people use a special container for lenses storage. As a rule, they are included in a lenses set. The solution is sold in bottles with the volume from 60 to 360 ml. It is unacceptable to leave the solution open or pour this solution into other containers, even if they seem to be very clean. If you notice that the package is damaged, bring it back and ask for a new one. All these careful precautions are necessary in order to avoid eye infections.

After removing the lenses you need to rinse them in the solution and put in a container overnight. If the lenses require additional purification, people use special tablets for this case. You’d better consult an eye doctor before a purchase – he will determine what tablets are right for your solution.

Helpful eye care tips by Canadian Family Pharmacy

  • If the eye can not get used to the lenses and gets dry, moisturizing eye drops will help you. They are necessary mainly for people who are just starting to wear contact lenses. The drops are applied directly when wearing lenses or after their removal.
  • In that case you constantly feel some discomfort and dryness in the eye, it would be better to consult a doctor. This may be unwanted bacteria symptoms or an indication that the lens is damaged.
  • Do not use lenses if you have a cold or flu!
  • Remember that the lenses are ment only for you – do not give them to someone else.
  • Even if you get used to your lenses, do not forget to take them off for the night, clean them and put in containers for cleaning.
  • Change the solution and containers when needed. Change the lenses for the new ones after the end of service and buy them only in special stores.
  • Give your eyes rest from time to time – do not wear lenses. After all, the lens is only a piece of foreign material in your body.
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Nuances of lenses wearing

lensesSome people think it’s easy to wear contact lenses. Alas, it’s not so simple. If you do not observe basic rules of hygiene, you can worsen your eyesight. Let’s study the mandatory precautions for eye care:

  • Visit an ophthalmologist once a year;
  • put on clean lenses with clean hands and in a clean environment;
  • if the eye lens is discolored or damaged, replace it immediately;
  • if you get a foreign body into your eye, remove the lens to avoid eye damage;
  • remove the lenses before the sauna, swimming, hot tub and during contact with irritating vapors;
  • you should put on the lenses at first, then – use the creams, lotions, cosmetics;
  • do not wear lenses longer that it’s prescribed;
  • it is not desirable to constantly use the same solution for eye lenses or overdue solution;
  • do keep eye lenses in a container if they are not completely covered with the solution;
  • it is forbidden to take eye lenses with your fingernails or hard objects;
  • exclude wearing disposable eye lenses several times.


It has become quite fashionable to wear glasses at the moment and laser surgery has become a more accessible operation, yet the number of people using contact lenses is not reducing. It’s hard to argue with the fact that they are very convenient – no one is able to swim in the glasses or do some other sports. Therefore, wear lenses, following these simple rules, and they will serve you well. Remember: eyesight is one of the most precious things you have and it’s necessary to take proper eye care! 

The article is released by Canadian Family Pharmacy professional team.