9 Things Necessary for Women’s Health after 50: Canadian Family Pharmacy Guide

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important if you want to keep your health as soon as possible, especially for a woman. The woman is a truly unique creation. The female body requires a special approach in every period of life. In youth, we do not always pay enough attention to our body, but over the years the situation is corrected. We can say for sure whether the body sends signals to us or we really become wiser. What will be really useful for women’s health after 50? How to live a healthy lifestyle?

woman's health after 50
The Risks to Women’s Health in 50

What should we be really afraid of at the age of 50? Let us refer to canadian pharmacies online statistics to show the probability of occurrence of a disease:

  • Cardiovascular diseases – the average risk of developing this disease at the age of 50 years is 40%. If you have problems with blood pressure or cholesterol index, the risk increases to 50%;
  • fainting immune system – it gets weaker due to the reduction of the thymus gland (thymus). This organ is responsible for our immunity, it appears in the embryo at already the 7th week of pregnancy, and adjusts the level of T-cells that viruses recognize;
  • deterioration of memory and other brain functions – most problems occur with episodic memory, for example, small memory lapses about some events, location or time;
  • hormonal changes – they happen due to the menopause, expressed in excessive sweating and increase the risk of osteoporosis (bone disease);
  • Colorectal cancer – cancer disease rectum and colon occurs in 90% of cases after 50 years old.
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If you have a genetic predisposition to some diseases, we recommend you an examination and a healthy lifestyle.

9 Tips for Women’s Health After 50: Woman’s Health Care

With age, it is important not to lose your vitality, your beauty and health. It’s necessary to continue maintaining the basic healthy lifestyle habits, as well as pay a special attention to some Canadian Family Pharmacy recommendations to help you resist the age-related changes in the body:

Sleep for 7-9 hours

  • It is proved that women who sleep 7-9 hours a day, have a greater life expectancy and the aging process is not reflected in their body. After 50 there are often sleep disorders, the body perceives sleep deprivation as stress and weakens the immune system as a result. This, in turn, leads to easy susceptibility to disease;
  • healthy sleep allows you to save memory and improve your mood. Further, the hormones which are responsible for bone formation and muscle mass, are stabilized and the risk of osteoporosis is increased;
  • try to go to bed 15 minutes earlier and fix the alarm clock for 15 minutes later, increase the time each day until you feel a clear improvement in health. Ventilate the room before going to sleep, take an evening bath with sea salt – these tips will allow you to relax before bedtime.
  • Often women after 50 have problems with sleep. in this case it’s necessary to pay attention to sleep pills, which will help you cope with the problem (eg. SleepWell, Doxylamine, REM Again, Tagara)

Eat healthy foodsalad

A healthy diet is especially important for a woman’s body beauty.

  • Spinach, chard (a type of beet) and salad can reduce the risk of a cardiovascular disease;
  • fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, whole grains – all this will also help you to prevent the heart disease and blood vessels problems.
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Click here to study the full list of healthy products.

Take vitamins, but follow the dosage

Make sure that your body has a sufficient amount of vitamins B6, B12, C, D, E, zinc, iron, beta-carotene and folic acid. Most of the necessary vitamins for women’s health can be found here. Try not to abuse fortified supplements, because their excess can lead to premature death.

The best women’s vitamins over 50: Sure Romance, Vitamin B12, Supradyn, Becadexamin, Neurobion Forte (B1+B6+B12). You may buy Canadian Family Pharmacy vitamins online and keep your health on the good level.

Eat more sour-milk products

Kefir and yogurt contain bacteria, which are so necessary for our intestines to function properly. These bacteria are also able to enhance immunity. If you have yogurt strains (pure culture cells) Lactobacteria, it may reduce the likelihood of colon cancer. Drink a cup of kefir, sour milk or yogurt every day and you will significantly improve the intestinal micro flora and reduce inflammation.

Keep a food diary

Write down everything you eat in a notebook or in the phone application, it is important that you completely fix all that eat. It is necessary to control the amount of calories and ultimately – the weight. If your weight is normal, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is lower. It is also important to control blood glucose level.

Solve logic puzzles

If you have grandchildren who already go to school, work out together solving logic puzzles with them. Thus, you will keep your brain in a good tones and will take part in the education of grandchildren. Board games are also useful.

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Physical activity is very important

  • If you are running or doing yoga, your body will be grateful to you;
  • Chinese art of Tai Chi will be a perfect activity to maintain women’s health in 50. Slow exercise will increase your endurance, help to stabilize the pressure and serve as an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • even such activities as gardening will do you good;
  • try to spend more time in the fresh air.

gardenTake care of volunteering

Through the research the scientists have noticed an interesting pattern: the participants of 55 years old, who took an active part in social life, engaged in volunteering and charity work, were less likely to die within 5 next years than those who led the eremitic life. Therefore, bring to your life more communication and participate in charity events of any kind.

Popular Medications for Women’s Health after 50

  • Pink Female Viagra;
  • Female Cialis;
  • Sure Romance;
  • Duphaston;
  • Prometrium.

Examination of the body

  • Canadian Family Pharmacy advises to check your hearing and eyesight every 3 years;
  • do a mammogram every year;
  • measure the blood pressure every 2 years;
  • measure glucose level every 3 years starting from 45 years old;
  • cervical analysis should be carried out once a year.

If you experience any pain or you feel that your vision / hearing fell, consult a specialist immediately. Keep an eye of your health and follow our recommendations, which will help you keep youth and women’s health after 50. Take care of yourself!