Canadian Family Pharmacy Tips to Live a Healthy Life

Perhaps, it is difficult to find someone who doesn’t want to be healthy and strong. That is the pity that people tend to to think about their health improvement after they spent a lot of effort on its destruction. Alas, in this case not all people may make a conquest of the numerous acquired diseases.

activefamilyPortrait of a healthy person

The man who has no problems with physical health, looks younger and more attractive than their peers who suffer from some illnesses. He is active and cheerful, easy to cope with normal physical loads, quickly restores energy. Smooth relations with other people, stress endurance and the predominance of good mood indicate the perfect mental health. A healthy person is more successful and, therefore, satisfied with his life.

Harden our health: step by step

How to improve health and become stronger and younger? It is necessary to make adjustments to your lifestyle, which one – we will discuss right now.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition plays a very important role in forming, maintaining and improving our health. Remember the following rules:
Eat more often, but small portions and in the same intervals each day. So, it is better to eat 5-6 times by a little bit each day than two or more times.
30-50% of the diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables every day needed to consume protein that contains in meat and fish, dairy products are also very useful. Choose foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, natural, “non-chemical”. Essential vitamins C and B and such materials: iron, zinc, magnesium and copper are necessary to maintain immunity. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, trans fats, large amounts of carbohydrates, sugar and salt. Food should be various.

Food regime

The best time to receive a carbohydrate food – in the morning, as you are energized for the whole day with the help of carbohydrates. At lunch you should eat protein containing food – eat meat, fish, dairy, cereals. For dinner you’d better eat something light, as the organism is getting ready for a sleeptime already and it doesn’t need overloading. Thus, most of the food of the day should be eaten in the morning and afternoon, in the evening there should be 20-30% food left.

Cleansing of the organism

It is no secret that, the body accumulates not only nutrients, but also harmful substances over time. You need time to get rid of them to stay young and beautiful. The food which cleanse the body and improves the work of its internal organs will help you. So it is desirable to have oatmeal, bran and bioyoghurts (they cleans the intestines), drink beet broth (cleanses the liver), eat watermelon, drink plenty of water (they purifie the kidneys). Intermittent fasting will also help to clean the organism, but you need to strictly observe the rules of fasting! Enemas also hel in cleansing the organism.

Physical activity

How to improve health? You need physical activity. Health is directly linked with the movement. Sitting in one place, you reduce your life, so even a small motor activity is always of great benefit. Hiking, outdoor games, dancing, gym, jogging in the park, and just morning exercises – you may choose anything, not necessarily kill yourself with heavy loading in the gym. Just a few minutes of active movement per day – and you will have a good result. The main thing is regularity.

Work and rest regime

restWorkaholics will never know such a thing as good health, as well as deep-rooted chair-warmers. Only a healthy combination of work and rest will make you healthy, and it’s a proven fact. In addition, people are natural beings, so to live a healthy life means to live in accordance with the natural biorhythms: to work in the morning and in the afternoon, rest in the evening and sleep at night, you should slep as many hours as you need for a complete rest. If you feel that you got enough sleep, that you are cheerful and full of energy, it means that you are well rested. You may need 5-6 hours of sleeping, maybe 10, this question is individual to all people.

Mental health

Many people believe that it’s not so important to pay attention to their mental state. You think your problems are temporary: bad mood, you do not like the work, doubtfull relationship… Nothing like that! The sterling health is impossible without mental comfort, but if you constantly have any problems, you are irritated by little things, quarrel with family, dissatisfied with themselves, you will never be a healthy person in its sense.

mentalLet’s pay attention to your comfortable mental state, it is very important to the question of how to improve their health. First of all, it is important to have a good psychological environment. It consists of a favorite work, an interesting study, a strong and loving family, hobbies and entertainment. If you are not satisfied with your study and work, do not abide them because of some advantages if they cause you a great psychological harm. It may seem difficult, but it is necessary to change the place of study, work or change the activity completely. If there are any problems in the family, then do not sit and cry, you need to think about how to solve these problems. You may need to talk with the loved ones, find out the causes of conflicts and find a solution. Also, remember that people, especially relatives, treat us as we treat them. If you come home, eat dinner in silence and in a hurry to sit in front of TV or a computer, without noticing anything, then do not expect a good family environment. Pay attention to close people, show the care and warmth towards them, be interested in their life, then you will always be welcome at home and you will feel comfortable in the family.

The causes of psychological illnesses life may be boring and monotonous, you will feel that it passes you by, and you can not realize yourself in it. If you have a problem, believe me, you’re not the only one concerned about this. But you can fight with it.

In the beginning you need a sincere and honest analysis of what you do not like in your life and what would like to change, what you want to achieve:

  • Take a pen and paper, write down all the things that you think prevent you from feeling of happiness and comfort, as well as the ways you can get rid of them, some possible solutions;
  • Select what you want to achieve in your life, something to learn and experience: your dreams, desires and aspirations;
  • Specify what you need to achieve the objectives, and what prevents;
  • In accordance with all above mentioned, select the most appropriate way to achieve real goals;
  • Proceed to implement them.

Let’s summarize

Strong and full health includes physical and mental health together. Pay attention to only one of them is wrong. It’s necessary to live according to the rhythms of nature, eat correctly, give up bad habits, alternate work and rest, sleep, move actively for your physical comfort. Also you need a comfortable psychological environment at home and work (study), the possibility of self-fulfillment, satisfaction of your desires, achieving objectives for the mental health. You health depends on you, on the way you build your own life, how comfortable and complete it is. These are the ways to improve your health. Visit Canadian Phamily Pharmacy in order to strenghen your health. Everything is within your power!active men