Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Generic Levitra

Many men face such a serious problem, like erectile dysfunction, at a different age. There are many reasons for this, and they are different in each case. The most common risk factors are:

  • continuous stress, nervous overload;
  • neglecting of healthy lifestyle;
  • digestive system disorders (gluttony, eating at night, eating a lot of fatty foods);
  • violation of normal hormonal background;
  • physical changes in sexual organs;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • number of other factors.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction TreatmentErectile dysfunction problems in genital area are in fact very widespread. And not always a single erection absence can signal presence of serious disease. It is necessary to clearly analyze your body for the following obvious erectile dysfunction symptoms:

  • lowered libido (that is, degree of sexual attraction to woman);
  • absence of spontaneous erection in the morning and during awakening at night;
  • inability to complete sexual intercourse due to erection weakness;
  • erection weakening during sexual intercourse.

Mechanism of Erection and Erectile Dysfunction

The essence of violation of ability to maintain erection happens because of the weakening of penile blood saturation. That is, erectile dysfunction diagnosis is a blood circulation violation. Penis hardness necessary for sexual intercourse is achieved due precisely to “pumping” of sufficient amount.

Stress-induced disorders of nervous system play an important role among erectile dysfunction causes, as intimate contact is regulated, including at psychological level.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Generic Levitra

The most common, in some ways popular, treatment of erectile dysfunction is use of special ED drugs. People usually use Viagra (in fact, the pharmaceutical market is flooded with medications manufactured on sildenafil basis, the main Viagra active ingredient) .

The English company “Glaxo Smith Klein” together with the German firm “Bayer” also produced a completely new drug based on active ingredient vardenafil – Levitra. After a short period of time, Canadian Family Pharmacy Levitra received well-deserved respect of those men who faced erectile dsyfunction problem.

A significant Levitra advantage is qualitative improvement of advanced Viagra indicators. Levitra effect begins after 15-20 minutes, and reaches its pick after 1 hour. In view of this, Levitra online of generic origin is strongly recommended to take in advance of planned sexual intercourse.

Levitra Time of Action

A positive moment in comparison of Levitra vs Viagra is the high Levitra effect duration – about 7-10 hours. By the way: Viagra gives results in 1,5-2 times more modest, which can not always be enough during a romantic meeting.

Levitra Recommended Dosage

Levitra Canadian Pharmacy release is arranged in the form of tablets having a dosage of 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mg. A person should take the drug based on their own feelings, but still it is recommended to start with a minimum Levitra dosage (while controlling the drug effectiveness). Also among a number of Levitra advantages can be called absence of addiction. On the contrary, systematic use leads to a normalization of the erectile function and decrease in dose amount taken. It happens due to the fact that the drug Levitra provides an abundant and prolonged blood supply to genitals.

Generic Levitra Popularity

It’s no secret that often the immediate sexual relations are preceded by long walks under the starry sky, suppers in restaurants and other romantic adventures. And here one more huge plus of Levitra in comparison with Viagra (Levitra vs Viagra fight in case of alcohol consumption) is found out: it is known, that reception of Viagra is incompatible with use of alcoholic drinks and fat saturated food – and in fact without these romantic attributes it is difficult to manage in such serious business! Levitra is deprived of such shortcomings, and its use allows you to spend a really great time full of pleasant impressions.

Canadian Family Pharmacy Levitra helps return to a full sexual intercourse, characteristic of healthy man. At the same time after the end of sexual intercourse, there is no abrupt disappearance of Levitra action – which means that partner will never guess about problems in sexual sphere. Levitra will help any man to experience the fullness of life without any restrictions!