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Testosterone Gel and Viagra- Combining Them Is the Perfect Solution for a Better Treatment

What is there to be done when you are facing certain sexual difficulties? Many men are facing problems like this, but the most frequent one is erectile dysfunction (ED) and arterial hypertension. In situations like this, men have to deal with certain symptoms that can cause uneasiness. Sexual problems that are appearing, caused by low testosterone level, often cause emotional changes, fatigue and other psychological and physical issues. The most common oral medicine, known also in popular culture for recreational use, is Sildenafil, often called Viagra. However, big percentage of men population, around 30%, or more, can’t find satisfaction and improvement using only this medication.

Studies on Viagra and Testosterone

Very big progress has been confirmed in the following study. There was started started a study in which 75 men participated with the range of their ages being between 18 to 80 years. They started with a test drive, combining testosterone gel in conjunction with Viagra, and it showed very significant results.

At the beginning, the group was divided into two parts: the first one was given testosterone gel, and the other one got a placebo medicine. After a very short time, the results were encouraging. After applying testosterone gel on the skin, combined with Viagra, the first group had as a result increasing the level of testosterone in the blood. The improvement showed 34% rate. On the other hand, the group with placebo medicine didn’t show any improvement with their condition.

In a really short period of time, they were more satisfied with their overall condition, including physical potential and their ED problems, but they also felt emotionally stronger. And it only took four weeks for first positive results, which was incredible prove.

Sexual difficulties

Solution is right there

When you think some problems can’t be solved, look at the right place. There is a solution for men with ED problems and low testosterone level! Combining these two medicines, using Viagra as a primary medicine and adding gel testosterone, you will feel improvement with threating your ED problems right away.

Basic medicines we have in are offer are:

  • Levitra
  • Viagra
  • Cialis

It is highly recommended to use these medicines along with testosterone gel if your testosterone level is low. Only that way you will fell change and improvement. Sexual stimulation with erection as a result, is guaranteed. Only by using testosterone gel, through certain chemical process (increasing the level of the chemical called nitric oxide, blood flow is better and the muscles are relaxed).

Many patients felt improvement after ordering testosterone gel from Canadian Family Pharmacy. Increasing the testosterone level is the first step in the treatment of ED problems. Combining Viagra and testosterone gel is the best solution.

Some other treatments are also available in our service:

Before doing something permanent, you should try some alternatives we offered to you.

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