How to Prolong Ejaculation? Tips by Canadian Family Pharmacy

How to Prolong Ejaculation

Intimate contact is the main component of a family life of every man. Intimacy should bring pleasure to both partners. But often the balance is broken and sex becomes unsatisfactory. The common reason for this is the disorder of the male sexual function, which weakens erection. The penis can become hard, but ejaculation can occur as quickly. Short-term act does not give both men and women the opportunity to enjoy the process. In addition, premature ejaculation does not give a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, the quality of sex directly depends on the duration of erection and if this causes problems, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate them.

Natural ways to prolong erection

How to prolong erection naturally, without stimulant drugs from Canadian Family Pharmacy? This is quite possible if you follow certain recommendations and apply popular supplements. So, man can prolong sexual intercourse in the following ways:

  1. Proper breathing. Any physical load requires stamina, including sexual intercourse. To keep erection as long as possible, you need to relieve tension, and this is possible only when a man is breathing properly during sex. You can teach this over time. It takes time for the body to develop a rhythm and control breathing. But the result is worth it to take advantage of this method. Normal breathing not only sheds pleasure, but also positively affects the work of the heart;
  2. Gripping the penis. It means that it is necessary to prevent untimely ejaculation, as soon as there comes a sense of ejaculation. This manipulation can be carried out every time the feeling of the finale comes, thereby naturally continuing the pleasure and erection. Such actions are contraindicated to men who suffer from low potency, since excitation may disappear;
  3. Pulling the testicles. During orgasm, the testicles shrink and decrease in size. If they are slightly pulled down before ejaculation, it will be delayed for some time. It should be done carefully to avoid painful sensations, otherwise it can weaken erection;
  4. Change the position. What is the simplest way to prolong erection? You just need to change the position. Quite often, during prolonged sexual contact in one position, the legs, back, hands may become numb. It distracts and prevents man from concentrating on keeping an erection. Also, a certain sexual posture excites very much. The reason may be the intensity of the movements, the visual review of the partner, the depth of entry. Such factors can cause the desire to finish the process ahead of time. Cardinal change of position will prolong erection;
  5. Massaging the sensitive points. When orgasm is approaching, you can crumple the lobe of the ear, which has very important nerve endings. The main thing is not to overdo it. This action should not cause pain. Otherwise, erection disappears;
  6. Changing rhythm and depth. Slow down the onset of ejaculation and prolong erection by changing the rhythm. You should do deep and slow frictions to avoid intense friction of the head against the walls of the vagina;
  7. Pressing on the crotch. It’s about the very point that lies between the testicles and the anus. This is a very sensuous place, and if you press on it before ejaculation, you can delay a sexual act;
  8. Psychological way. How to prolong an erection with the help of thought? It is very simple! At the peak of sexual intercourse, you need to remember something very unpleasant or think about something frightening. But this method is not suitable for everyone. Very impressionable men can lose pleasure with such thoughts;
  9. Penile rings. You can buy special rubber rings, which contribute to full ejaculation and help prolong erection. They are harmless and accessible to everyone;
  10. No condoms. The use of condoms during sex often prevents a good and powerful ejaculation. Poor sensitivity can affect excitation, so you should abandon such security measures for a strong erection. But it is suitable only for those men who are confident in their partner and are able to “take out” the penis in time.

How to prolong erection with tablets from Canadian Family Pharmacy?

Men who want to be confident in their sexuality and sexual capabilities can use a number of pharmacological agents. They are often used by both adults and young men, as problems with erectile dysfunction are diagnosed in every third men. Many of them do not want to use various unconventional methods. There are also cases when physical exercises and natural methods to prolong erection are not enough to achieve the desired effect. When an erection is weak and short-lasting, it is not possible to start sexual intercourse. Only pills to increase potency can help.

The most popular drug for a good erection is Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, which strengthens potency and prolongs erection. Its analogues are Cialis and Levitra. These pills improve the quality of sex, prolong its duration and increase excitement. Before using these medications, it is important to consult a specialist for compatibility with other medications. This is necessary in order to exclude drugs that weaken the action of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. Also, the doctor should determine the dosage for each particular case.

Men should know that generic Viagra and similar ED tablets are safe for the body and have a few side effects. But such drugs also have contraindications. Of course, man should decides himself how to prolong erection, but he should think not only about temporary pleasure, but about improving the functioning of the reproductive system as a whole. The best way is to consult a doctor who can determine the causes of a weak erection and choose the most effective methods for solving the problem. Is you lead a healthy lifestyle and adhere to the recommendations of a specialist, you can not worry about weak erection and feel confident!

More tips to prolong intercourse

  • Anesthetic creams may lower the sensitivity of the penis;
  • Various neurotic factors are easily eliminated with antidepressants or SSRIs that suppress orgasm. However, you should remember that they all have a number of contraindications and can be taken only on the advice of a doctor;
  • Masturbation before sex;
  • Circumcision increases the duration of sexual intercourse 2-3 times.