Exciting Facts About Erection Provided by Canadian Family Pharmacy

Exciting Facts About Erection

Erection is a reflection of your physical and mental health. Problems with erection arise for various reasons: illness, stress, problems in relationships, at work, etc. Erectile dysfunction attacked every man, at least several times in his life.

Sexual dysfunction can occur after consuming significant doses of alcohol, taking certain medical or narcotic drugs, and just fatigue or nervous tension.

You can make love even with a weak erection. A man can go through all levels of excitation, completing them with an orgasm, even if the penis is not hard enough. If you periodically notice the absence of an erection, for example, in a state of intoxication, which does not happen in most cases, then there is no need to worry.

Are you sure that you have erectile problems and you want to eliminate them?

Initially, it is necessary to establish whether the cause of a weak erection is physical. You need to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have an erection at night or in the morning when you wake up?
  2. Do you have an erection at night or in the morning, but it does not work with the partner?
  3. Do you have an erection during masturbation, but it does not work with the partner?

If you answered “yes” not all the questions, then your problems can have psychological roots. In addition, many erectile problems are associated with psychology.

So how can you boost your erection psychologically?

First of all, it is necessary to assess the psychological state of a man. Stress is the main reason for a weak erection. It is necessary to improve the condition of a man gradually: improve general mood, try to distract from bad thoughts in every possible way.

Erection can also be improved by other methods:

  • Physical exercises – Men need to exercise to improve erection. You need to move to avoid stagnation of blood in the pelvic area. Walk fast at a distance of 3 km every day;
  • Morning sex – We recommend that you include this item in your daily schedule. At 8-9 o’clock in the morning the body independently produces sex hormones. You can not think about gaining erection – just enjoy the process;
  • Go barefoot more often – The human foot contains a huge number of different points, some of which are responsible for sexual arousal. They need to be stimulated: walk at home barefoot, massage feet with light movements;
  • Cold and hot shower – Everyone knows that a regular contrast shower trains our blood vessels and helps improve blood circulation;
  • Regular sex – This is the most pleasant means for a good erection. The human body reacts reflexively to excitement and satisfaction. Therefore, in the presence of regular sex, it is easier for a man to get excited again.

Physical reasons associated with the loss of erection are, as a rule, medical reasons. There are diseases that affect erection. Diabetes, prostate disease, spinal cord or brain damage, damage to the nerves responsible for the processes of excitation, circulatory disorders – this is an incomplete list of common causes of erectile dysfunction. In the presence of such diseases, it is necessary to visit the attending physician, adhere to the prescribed treatment and recommendations.

Can men avoid erectile dysfunction?

You can prevent erectile dysfunction in the following ways:

  • Correct and regular nutrition, exercise, monitor health;
  • Do not use narcotic drugs. Refuse or minimize smoking and alcohol;
  • Maintain a regular sex life, avoid prolonged periods of abstinence;
  • Do not use drugs for erectile dysfunction from Canadian Family Pharmacy without reading the instructions.

Be sure to get expert advice if you have a pelvic or groin injury, if there are chronic diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus or hypertension.

Any man should know a list of products that improve erection. It is important that food contains excitatory substances and proteins: animal and vegetable. Include in your diet: meat, poultry, fish, dairy products; bread from wheat, potatoes baked in the oven, soups from vegetables, legumes, greens, carrots, cabbage, various nuts. Vitamins that increase potency: A, E, D, K.Products containing phosphorus are also important. These are pumpkin, liver, brewer’s yeast, nuts, etc. Zinc also improves erection. It contains: wheat, rye, liver, oysters. Pamper yourself with chocolate, caviar, bananas. These products bring an excellent result.

Remember that foods are just one component of quality sex.

All ED drugs bring maximum benefit when combined a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, positive psychological mood. The most quality and effective drugs can be selected in Canadian Family Pharmacy.