Canadian Family Pharmacy: Male and Female Erectile Dysfunction

Male Sexual Frustration

Male erectile dysfunction is lack of ability to achieve and maintain erection, which will be sufficient for performing full sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that men face in all countries of the world. Often this disease is a complication of another disease. For example, at diabetes mellitus, more than 50 percent of sick men suffer from sexual dysfunction.

Types of Male Erectile Dysfunction

  1. First. The disease manifests itself as psychological violation of man’s attitude to various external or internal factors associated with his self-esteem and sexual life. Therefore this kind of dysfunction is called psychogenic.
  2. Second. The disease manifests itself as violation of functioning of certain organs and systems of the body. Therefore this kind of dysfunction is called organic.
  3. Third. The disease manifests itself as violation both in psychology and organs. Therefore this kind of dysfunction is called mixed.
  4. Fourth. The disease is manifested as a consequence of exposure of the body to direct or side effects of drugs. This kind of erectile dysfunction is called medicamental.male and female erectile dysfunction

Causes of Male Erectile Dysfunction

  1. The first type (psychogenic dysfunction). Doubts about man’s sexual capabilities and constant expectation of unsuccessful sexual intercourse. Various stresses, causes of which can be found in other spheres of man’s life.
  2. The second type (organic dysfunction). Violations of various organs and systems of the body. For example, various diseases of endocrine system, nervous system, vascular disease, changes in sexual organ itself.
  3. The third type (mixed dysfunction). At the same time there are both changes in psychology and in the body of a man.
  4. The fourth type (drug dysfunction). The reason may be use of various medications. Therefore, do not self-medicate, but always come to doctor’s office or consult a pharmacist at the pharmacy.

Female Sexual Frustration

Female sexual dysfunction is called a state in which biological, psychological and interpersonal factors play equal role, sometimes acting in complex combination.

American National Institutes of Health has published data that up to three-quarters of all women suffer in varying degrees from sexual dysfunction. Wherein:

  • 33% of women noted decrease in sexual desire;
  • 25% of women noted lack of orgasm in absolute;
  • 20% of women said they had difficulties with moisturising genital tract;
  • 20% of women said that sex does not give them any pleasure.

Factors causing female impotence can be:

  • vasogenic;
  • neurogenic;
  • hormonal;
  • psychogenic;
  • muscular.

Sexual disorders in women can manifest themselves in such a form as:

  • frustration of libido and excitation;
  • orgasmic disorder;
  • impairment of lubrication;
  • satisfaction disorder;
  • pain disorder.

Female problems in bedroom are serious and very common ones in modern urogynecology, which has a great impact on normal life of women. However, only a small number of women go for help to specialists. Of course, this question is rather delicate and not every woman will dare to talk about her intimate problems to a stranger, even a doctor. In addition, this question is rather poorly covered even in special medical literature. But in actual fact the problem turned out to be much more serious than it was previously thought, and therefore requires thorough and detailed study.

Disorders in female sexual sphere can have significant impact on quality of life, because they lead to violation of relationship between man and woman, affect moral issues, contribute to manifestation of certain prejudices. Female sexual disorders disturb peace of mind and bring discord into interpersonal intra-family relationships. Dysfunctions can accompany many diseases, but most often they are burdened by primary sexual disorders of specific nature. Prevention and treatment of female sexual dysfunction are important not only from medical, but also from social point of view.

This article was written after Canadian Family Pharmacy specialists research.