10 Rules of Women’s Health by Canadian Family Pharmacy

For a woman it is difficult to maintain health under powerful negative impact of modern ecology and lifestyle. Her body every second is experiencing enormous physical and psycho-emotional overload. Chronic stress, improper nutrition, lack of exercise, chemistry in the air, water and food, problems with sexual fulfillment multiplied by economic and social turmoil of life – all this lies on fragile shoulders of a woman and ruins her health.

Do you not want to get ill? Unfortunately, all female diseases are associated with environmental problems. It is impossible to hide from pressure of environment. But it is possible to maximally reduce harm from ecological situation on health. It is enough to follow 10 simple rules by Canadian Pharmacy medsrore.

How to Avoid Women’s Health Issues?

1. Purify Drinking Water

The most effective for today are considered household filters, working on the principle of reverse osmosis. They purify water from many impurities and chemicals. Usual household filters «jugs», in which coagulants are used, retain only large particles.

Benefits of refined bottled water are discussed, producers are accused of excessive water purification to distilled state. Undoubtedly, it is more useful to use natural water from mineral sources, which is also sold in bottles, but it costs more.10 Simple Rules for women's health

A good home remedy to clean water – through freezing water in refrigerator. After thawing, dirty sediment remains on the bottom, which must be poured.

Additional benefit is provided by energy-information water purification: prayer, holy water.

2. Clean and Moisten Air

To clean air, use various ionizers and humidifiers at home. It is known that air conditioners do not purify air, they only cool it. Moreover, tanks of air conditioners and split systems become a source of dust and bacteria, so they need to be cleaned regularly. Choose models of air conditioners equipped with ionizers.

Give up artificial air fresheners! All chemistry indicated on the label gets right into your lungs. Instead, use natural flavors of dried plants or natural essential oils in aromatic lamps.

3. Use Natural Materials in Everyday Life

Only materials of natural origin are safe for human health and ecological: wood, ceramics, cork, linen, cotton, leather. Therefore, try to use as little as possible plastic, linoleum, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene for home and office building. Varnishes, paint, glue – buying all this, check availability of certificate of environmental safety.

If you care about your health and family, Canadian Family Pharmacy recommends to use only environmentally friendly household chemicals: washing powders, gels, shampoos, dishwashing detergents and house cleaning. There are safe detergents without surfactants and phosphates, parabens and artificial flavors.

4. Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation

If a number of high-voltage power lines are located near you, you can not do without neutralizer of electromagnetic radiation. You need this device also if you are constantly working at the computer, talking on your mobile phone.

5. More Movements

Every day, do not be lazy to walk a couple of bus stops, find time for fitness, dancing, swimming – sport that you like. Classes should be regular and pleasant, not straining. Physical activity will increase muscle tone, relieve nervous tension, activate blood circulation, heart function, excretory and hormonal systems. This will help to get rid of stress, save slenderness and prolong youth.

6. Switch to Healthy Diet

Healthy nutrition is in fact not a diet or starvation at all, but nutrition, balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrate, diverse and regular.

Less animal fats, more vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish and seafood. Minimum of sugar and salt. Flour, sweets – only «for joy», occasionally.

Instead of butter – vegetable oil, instead of cheese – cottage cheese, instead of dessert – natural yoghurt. Instead of store muesli – usual porridge with dried fruits.

By the way, really useful sour-milk products, without any artificial additives, you can prepare yourself, buying special bacterial starter.

It is important to eat 3 – 5 times a day in small portions, but not once before going to bed. Calmly, not on the run.

Try to cook food correctly: from fresh foods, not frozen ones. Do not overfried and do not overboiled, to save more vitamins. It is harmful to store ready meals for more than 24 hours, reheat them several times.

Vitamins and trace elements that come with food for modern woman is not enough. Environmental situation is too unfavorable and burden on the body is too serious. From time to time, it is necessary to take vitamins, minerals, trace elements, living bacterial cultures, plant compositions. They should be prescribed by doctor, depending on state of health.

A woman herself can and should eat honey, which is rich in almost all necessary for human microelements and vitamins.

After onset of menopause and for nursing mothers, it is especially useful to include royal jelly in ration.

7. Cleanse Body Regularly

For proper metabolism, it is important to perform complete body cleansing at least twice a year. It can be therapeutic starvation (only under supervision of doctor), hydrocolonotherapy (apparatus cleaning of intestine with water), fasting, a course of taking mineral water, purification with sorbents, herbal teas.

Regularly remove toxins from the body by visits to sauna and bath, eating fiber, drinking fruit and vegetable fresh juices.

There are various yoga techniques. In Ayurvedic medicine, cleansing of the body is one of the main methods of healing, there is a procedure for complete purification of organism – panchakarma.

Lazy ones for cleaning the body and improving immunity can use special herbal teas.

8. Give up Bad Habits

Painful menstruation, decreased libido, nervousness, frequent colds, bad skin and teeth – do you need such consequences of smoking? You know about harm of alcohol. A glass of natural red wine once a week is useful, but from strong and synthetic «low alcohol» drinks should be rejected for the sake of your health.

9. Observe Personal Hygiene

You, of course, are washed with fragrant shower gel and smell with deodorant. But this is harmful to women’s health. For intimate hygiene, products with synthetic aromatic and perfume additives having high pH are not suitable. They dry skin of tender intimate places and destroy microflora, which causes thrush, allergies. For hygiene, we recommend using means with neutral pH, without soap or surfactant, without artificial flavors.women's health with canadian family pharmacy

Canadian Family Pharmacy, as well as endocrinologists and gynecologists, warn of dangers of antiperspirants operating «24 hours». Blocking release of sweat, they bring into the body doses of aluminum salts and parabens, overloading work of lymph glands. This is recognized as one of the causes of breast cancer. To get rid of smell of perspiration, axillary cavities should be washed with bactericidal soap. You can also use organic deodorants, without aluminum and parabens, preservatives.

10. Regularly Undergo Medical Examinations

And yet, leading healthy lifestyle and taking care of your health, women can not be saved from impact of environment. Diseases are possible, and it is better to identify them at an early stage. Even if there are no complaints, go to gynecologist at least once a year. This should not be a formal «prophylaxis». The doctor should carefully examine a woman, her mammary glands and genitals, examine cervix under microscope and take a smear on cellular atypia to make sure everything is in order.