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In the present time you can often hear question: How to get out of a bad mood?. Not only wimps ask about it, but also people with a high position in the society and a high level of prosperity – those who, from the point of view of the majority – “have everything to be happy.”How to raise your mood?Is a good mood connected with a healthy lifestyle? Of course, it is, and even depends on it directly. But a healthy lifestyle should be understood not only as a healthy nutrition and sport, but also the ability to stay in a good mood, despite all the difficulties and troubles. It turns out that the one point depends on another, and the circle is closed. Canadian Family Pharmacy medstore will tell you about the ways to keep a good mood even without antidepressants.

Bad mood or depression?

It’s necessary to distinguish between temporary bad mood and depression.

The most common signs of depression:

  • Sadness;
  • loss of interest;
  • decreased appetite;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • loss of energy;
  • pessimism, feeling of guilt;
  • suicidal thoughts.

If you have a depression, you require a special treatment. As a rule, doctors prescribe a therapy with antidepressants. You may buy antidepressants online at  Canadian Family Pharmacy – a store which operates 24 hours a day for you. The best antidepressant drugs for your mood recovery: Prozac, Lexapro, Zoloft, Cymbalta and others.

How to fight mood disorders? Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood

Music for your spirits

  • happyA frequent recommendation is to listen to good music, but even better to learn to play and sing yourself. Even if you think you have no talent, it does not matter: everyone can sing together with your favorite singer – if you have a bad mood, you will feel better after such an activity, and it is not necessary to sing with a voice, but also with your soul. People always knew that the life people in the old times has never been easy, only songs but dances saved them – the nation would have “come to the end” without them;
  • There is an opinion that the mood should be improved only by classic music, but experts have proved that cheerful music helps get rid of insomnia and fatigue, neurosis and high blood pressure; even people with chronic respiratory diseases and digestive system problems feel better after listening to the music of “light genre”;
  • Although someone feels better, for example, listening to Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, they feel peace and tranquility, and no troubles will bother you after that – just “turn on” the music in your head periodically. And how much time do you need to enjoy music to cheer up? Each person has his “measurements”: someone requires 5 minutes, and other people may need more than an hour;
  • Besides, you can watch movies – funny comedies, they always help. There is a great number of movies nowadays and you may always come across a very funny and positive one.

Walking for your mood

Walking in the fresh air also helps raise the mood, but it is not always possible to go in the forest or to the river, and not at any time of the year, even if there is a weekend. For example, in winter you need to waste a whole day to walk in the forest: first of all you need to dress up warmly, gather a company of friends or family and then drive to a forest on a winter road. As a result, an hour is left for a walk, and you have no desire to walk any longer in the cold air, especially with children, as the daylight hours in the winter are short, so usually people refuse these walks.

But the outcome can be found: switch on the record of nature sounds – the chirping of birds, the sound of rain, “frogs chorus”, the murmur of the stream, and it will help you to unwind and relax – your mood will improve after this at once.

Handiwork for your mood

handiworkIt was noted that people with kinesthetic perception can easier raise their spirits than other people: once they hold some natural material in their hands – for example, a object made of wood, wool or natural fabrics – their mood immediately improves. That’s why psychologists advise needlework to raise the spirits:

  • Knitting;
  • sewing;
  • tree carving;
  • doing crafts from natural materials.

It’s perfect if you do it together with your children.

Besides, you may use one more natural antidepressant:  aromatherapy to raise your spirits: today it is not necessary to take a lot of efforts to find essential oils – they are sold everywhere, but the quality should be high – a good oil can not cost very cheap. You may choose a fragrance and use an oil burner, aroma pendants, aromatic candles and other devices – you can do it even at your workplace.

Color for your spirits

Color therapy is also one of the fashion trends of psychotherapy today. The choice of color in order to create a certain therapeutic effect is always individual.

  • Yellow color awakens creativity and imagination, causes a feeling of warmth, helps to relax and creates a joyful and cheerful mood.
  • Green is the color of independence and leadership character, so it is recommended to use when you have a bad mood due to the low self-esteem and dependence on the opinions of others.
  • Red color stimulates energy and activity, but there should not be too much red color: an excess of red color can irritate a person.
  • Blue color is cold and usually can’t raise a mood, but the light-blue color calms and soothes, also helps to win the interlocutor – in this case it is possible to improve the mood.

Why am I Always in a Bad Mood?

depressed manThere are other popular ways to improve your mood at any time. These are sport exercises for your mood. But now let’s talk about something else – why the mood is “holding” for a short time even after you managed to raise it.

The fact is that most people of today’s society live and work in order to realize the goals of others, not their own, and their purpose is to”earn money for living.” It is not surprising that the mood is constantly spoiled: when a person goes to his goal, it is impossible to spoil his mood – he overcomes all the difficulties and troubles. Of course, failures overshadow the reality, but they are temporary, and a purposeful and moving forward man has no time left for a bad mood.

  • Psychologists tell us about positive thinking, but it does not help when a person performs a boring job just because of her good pay. The soul can not deceive, and people constantly “breaks” in the film, trying to drown out the spoiled mood alcohol, smoking, questionable entertainment and other “pleasures”.
  • You can’t hide the problems inside – they will “get out” anyway, and your life becomes a continuous “overcoming yourself” – do you need it?
  • You should treat not a bad mood, but its cause, which appeared not today and not yesterday – only this way you may improve your mood. That is why many successful people feel a deep dissatisfaction: they have money and a position, but their business doesn’t bring them any joy.

For example, a middle-aged man can have a prestigious and high-paying job, but dream about a small own house and flowers around, breed exotic animals, or be a writer – anything what is completely different from his present activity. It is clear that his mood can often go down and all the above methods can only help temporarily.

As for women, they often dream of love and a strong family, instead they make a career, trying to adjust to the demands of a modern society – in this case, there is also no hope for a stable good mood.

If your mood deteriorates very often for any reason, ask yourself: have you chosen the right activity in your life? We face problems every time, however, a purposeful man solves these problems actively and vigorously, rejoicing his victories. His spirits may also come down, but for a short tome.

Another simple tip: stop paying your attention to negative news – today you can hear and read a massive amount of them, but do you need it? Only positive news can improve your mood and life in general, so look for them everywhere: every human’s life has something positive every day, we just have forgotten to rejoice it. Let’s start over again!

The article is released by Canadian Family Pharmacy professional team.