Kamagra 200mg – New Dose Will Make Your Erection Better!

Kamagra is a popular generic of Viagra with an advanced formulation used to treat erectile dysfunction. Today, more and more men all over the globe prefer to order this medication due to its efficiency and affordability. The drug contains the same active ingredient as Viagra – sildenafil. The substance intensifies the blood flow to the penis, which results in a stable and strong erection. The medical scientists confirmed that Kamagra copes with erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases. The average dosage of Kamagra is 50 mg but not all men are able to reach the desired result after this minimum dose.

New Kamagra dosage copes even with severe cases of ED!Kamagra 200mg - New Dose Will Make Your Erection Better!

Canadian Family Pharmacy introduces a new dosage of a popular analog of Viagra – Kamagra 100 mg. This preparation is a unique male product. The new dosage of the drug can be found on the official pharmacy’s website in ED drugs category. Many doctors and patients still think that there is nothing better than the tested brand-name drug in the dosage of 50 mg but modern generics have many advantages: patented medications like Viagra are very expensive, as such, not every man can afford the regular purchase of such products. Besides, an almost identical composition of Kamagra makes it possible to feel the same good effect as after using Viagra. However, it’s important that you buy generic drugs only in well-known and licensed online pharmacies.

The manufacturer of Kamagra 100 mg did his best to upgrade the quality of the drug and its content. The new version did not change its active substance but now you can buy it at a stronger dosage since 50 mg dosage will help not every man. If you still decide to start with a minimum dosage of Kamagra, you may always divide the tablet into several parts. The new Kamagra 100 mg has a beneficial price now. Canadian Family Pharmacy offers this product for only $0.99 per tablet. You may also choose the number of tablets in a package which seems best for you: 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, or 270 pills. Of course, you will get the lowest price when you purchase Kamagra in bulk. 100 mg dosage provides a very potent effect, so you should avoid using this preparation every day. In most cases, the drug is used 2 times a week. Bear in mind that Kamagra 100 mg has the same possible side effects as Viagra: a headache, nausea, redness of the face, accelerated heartbeat, dizziness and nasal congestion. We sell Kamagra without a prescription but before taking this drug, make sure to consult a doctor and confirm your diagnosis.

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