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Erectile dysfunction affects one in every four men aged 65 years and above. For men less than 65 years, the statistic is one in every twenty men. Erectile dysfunction used to be considered an elderly man’s disease but studies into the causes showed that even in younger men; ED can be problematic.

Canadian Family Pharmacy has prepared this article to help you understand how you can get your happiness back and enjoy life once again if ED had taken the joy out of life. Read the corresponding articles in the category “Erectile Dysfunction“.

It is no secret that performance in bed is linked to the male ego. Failure to perform in bed can destroy the confidence and self-esteem of any man. This in turn leads to frustration on the partner’s end. It’s a common problem that sex experts discuss that when a man is suffering from ED, and there is no open and honest communication between the partners, the happiness of that relationship begins to suffer.

So, what can couples do to ensure they remain happy, healthy and the man, hard?


Communication is crucial to the happiness and health of any relationship and even more so when there is a serious condition like ED to be discussed. Most men feel too embarrassed and too ashamed to even bring up the subject with anyone, let alone their partner. In the case when they do end up going to see a sex therapist, it is not uncommon to find that the man is reluctant to go with his partner. However many sex therapists admit that erectile dysfunction does more damage to the neglected partner than the man suffering from ED. This is because the man suffering from ED may begin to withdraw intimacy from their partner. This leads the other person to feel rejected and isolated and oftentimes there is no counseling for theneglected partner.

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Attend sex counseling together

While it may sound like a good idea, it hardly ever seems to be put into practice. This isn’t always the men’s fault either. There are stories of women who claim that their husband’s sex therapists were the ones discouraging couples from attending sessions together.Of course this is not the mindset of all sex therapists. However the men must also be willing to have their partners join them for counseling otherwise it can end up being a burden to both the patient and his partner.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Canadian Family Pharmacy advocates strongly for this point. Erectile dysfunction has many causes however when it occurs in younger men, more often than not the cause is stress or depression. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is depression, then treatment will need to be supervised by a doctor. If the cause is stress, then a few lifestyle changes such as including exercise into one’s schedule, eating healthily and spending some time doing what one enjoys every day can help to significantly reduce that stress and in turn reverse ED.

This too is best achieved with the help of one’s partner. Sharing this part of the treatment can be therapeutic for the both of you. With exercise and dietary changes, you will both be in better health and shape. You will suddenly find that you are healthier and happier.

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Take the right Medication

It might take a while before you return to full health and are able to become hard without need for medication. If there is still need for medication then purchasing the right pills from pharmacies such as Canadian Family Pharmacy will be in your best interests. Common ED medication such as Viagra, Generic Cialis and Levitra are readily available via prescription order.

If you intend to purchase the medication online, it is imperative that you purchase from reputable sources. There have been incidences of people buying alleged erectile dysfunction drugs which were not in their pure forms or were contaminated.


Being in good health facilitates and allows people to be happy. This in turn can have other desired effects when it comes to the health of men. It is possible to regain your happiness and health, and enjoy a thriving sex life no matter how old you are.

Canadian Family Pharmacy Online encourages living a healthy lifestyle. We are advocates for health and well being and enjoy seeing individuals live happy and stress free lives. We are always ready to help relieve pain and other ailments through our wide range of products. We work hand-in-hand with physicians to ensure that you are always in the best form possible.